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Canadian Flag in Mississauga News and Mississauga Newspaper and Brampton Guardian
☛ A martial arts student complains that he cannot be taught next to females; the teacher honors his request and the human rights commission sides with the school against the female student.
☛ An Ontario labor minister endorses a religious book which promotes the beating of wives.
☛ A university student asks his professor if he can complete his coursework without interacting with female students. His professor denies the request, but is over ruled by the university.
☛ A secular publically funded high school allows religious leaders to take students out of class and preach religion within a school cafeteria, making girls sit behind boys.
These are just a few of the pathologies infesting our society. The intrusion of religious ideologies is tearing apart the ethos and fabric of Canada, bit by bit.
We are a national grassroots movement determined to restore our values and principles. We will defend the principles of gender equity, respect, and harmony that define us.
We will fight religious fundamentalism and stop the erosion of cherished values from the onslaught of faith based extremism.
We supported the proposed Quebec Values Charter as a good model for all of Canada.

Meet Our Senior Advisors

Our advisors include the most respected and influential leaders within diverse communities. They all have a sterling track record of professional achievement, academic excellence, and leadership.
Dr Bikram Lamba Rise Canada - Freedom Alliance
Dr Bikram Lamba, Toronto
Renowned Sikh leader and intellectual, Dr Lamba has achieved global recognition as an author, journalist and entrepreneur. His published books have been critically acclaimed, and his status as a regular analyst/ contributor to CNN marks him as one of Canada's leading authorities on issues such as economics, immigration, and cultural assimilation.
Rise Canada - National Freedom Alliance - Mississauga News and Mississauga Newspaper - Ron Banerjee
Ron Banerjee
Ron Banerjee is a renowned Hindu leader who is a director with the Canadian Hindu Advocacy. This organization has promoted Hindu interests and values, as well as organized rallies and events against Islamic and Khalistani Sikh terrorism.
He has the largest and most sustained mainstream media exposure of any Hindu leader in Canada. The Canadian Hindu Advocacy has published over three dozen op-eds in the National Post, Financial Post and Sun Media.
Over a hundred letters to the editor have also been published in these media outlets as well as the Toronto Star. Dozens of guest appearances have also been made on national syndicated radio talk shows and TV programs nationwide. Mr Banerjee has also organized events and made presentations to the class and faculty of the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management.

Meet Our National Team

We have assembled a skilled team of activists and passionate people who exemplify our finest ideals and cherished societal values.

Given that this organization is geared towards action rather than just discussion, our team is led by ordinary folks who can really get things done.


National Spokeswoman/ Ontario Regional Leader
Sandra Solomon, Toronto

National Spokeswoman/ Ontario Regional Leader

Rise Canada - National Freedom Alliance - Mississauga News and Mississauga Newspaper

National Spokeswoman, Sandra Solomon

Sandra Solomon, Toronto
Sandra Solomon is an ex Muslim of Palestinian origin. She has lived in Israel as well as Saudi Arabia, is extremely well versed in Islamic texts and the Koran, as well as being fluent in Arabic. She has lectured in universities and think tanks on the dangers and hatred within Islam and the dire threat it poses to civilization.

Quebec Regional Leader

Andrew Drouin Quebec Regional Leader - Rise Canada

National Spokeswoman, Sandra Solomon

Andre Drouin, Herouxville
Mr Drouin is a city councilor who co authored a definitive document about cultural accommodation and secularism. His actions were credited with beginning a much needed debate on the limits of accommodation and cultural fit of certain immigrant communities in Quebec.

Atlantic Canada Regional Leader

Michele Walsh Rise Canada Mississauga News and Mississauga Newspaper

Michele Walsh, Halifax based Atlantic Canada Leader

Michele Walsh, Halifax
Michele Walsh is a regional activist from Halifax who has successfully worked with her local MP and with Canadian Justice Minister Peter Mackay to present an important anti-sharia petition to Parliament. Her petition would prohibit any publically funded or sponsored institution from practicing sharia law or theocracy.
Michele's ordeal began when her young daughters were asked by her their martial arts school to restrict their training, at the request of a new Muslim student who refused to interact with females. This Muslim student then distributed Islamic material in the school advising men to beat their wives.
The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission refused to hear their appeal, prompting Michele to gather a wide base of popular support and interact with political leaders.

Direct e-mail:

    RISE Canada News

    Thank You Quebec



    Dr Bikram Lamba, Mississauga: Author, scholar, expert on fundamentalism and terror Contact

    Andre Drouin, Herouxville- Quebec: Director, RISE Canada, Contact

    Ron Banerjee, Toronto: Director, Canadian Hindu Advocacy, Contact

    Madi Lussier, Montreal: Spokesperson, CIReport, Contact

    Dan Murray, Spokesperson, Immigration Watch Canada, Contact

    Brad Salzberg, Vancouver: President, Cultural Action Party of Canada, Contact

    Valerie Price, Montreal: Director, ACT! For Canada, Contact

    Rémi Tremblay, Spokesperson,  Fédération des québécois de souche, Contact


    We Need To Discuss Root Causes and Solutions

    Having closely investigated the recent incident in Quebec City, our organizations and subject matter experts would like to communicate with the relevant authorities about root causes and proposed solutions.

    The unfortunate incident in Quebec City is a direct result of the widespread and systematic failure of many Sikh groups and leaders to adopt or support Canadian values. The Sikh community has permitted many fundamentalists to hijack their voice in Canada.

    The following examples illustrate the shortcomings:

    1. Various Sikh organizations applied extraordinary pressure to force Quebec’s Soccer Federation to allow players to wear turbans. Similarly, Sikh groups demanded that institutions such as the Parliament of Canada and the Quebec National Assembly permit the wearing of sharp knives known as kirpans. These demands came despite the fact that India’s Parliament does not allow kirpans to be worn and many soccer leagues in India’s Punjab state do not allow turbans to be worn by players and coaches.


    1. Hundreds of Sikhs protested in various Canadian cities against the arrest in India of a convicted Sikh Khalistani terrorist killer named Rajoana. Canadians routinely see fundamentalist Khalistani Sikhs, backed by some community leaders, snarl roads in the center of major cities to support genocidal terrorist causes in foreign countries.


    1. The worst terrorist massacre in Canadian history occurred when suspected Khalistani Sikh terrorists blew up Air India 182, slaughtering over 330 mostly Hindu men, women, and children. This slaughter occurred at the same time that many fundamentalist Sikh leaders called for genocide against Hindus and spread false accounts of abuse in India.

    In a broader context, this incident, however reprehensible, speaks to the mounting anxiety of patriotic Canadians over the massive influx of immigrants with incompatible values into this country as well as frustration with Ottawa’s seeming indifference to the enormous social and economic costs occasioned by it.

    The leaders and groups signing this joint statement are available for interviews and assistance in designing solutions to prevent communities from supporting causes and beliefs which contradict Canadian values and principles.

    Justin Trudeau is a Coward and A Traitor

    RISE CANADA ad: Justin Trudeau: #Justnotoneofus

    10/13/2015, 6:30pm EDT
    By Ron Banerjee

    Trudeau is a Traitor

    This ad outlines Justin Trudeau and his notorious Islamic ties and policies. #JUSTnotoneofus

    A version of this ad will be playing on some major Canadian TV networks, pending CRTC approval.

    Join Our Cause

    The RISE CANADA street team did a picket at an Olivia Chow NDP nomination event last week. Their event was poorly attended and had little media. Some pictures and video are posted below.

    In addition to our street team, we have formed several Community Engagement and Public Safety Information teams. More people are incited to contact us and join.

    We will be on the streets of Toronto interviewing people, passing out flyers, and going door to door in select neighborhoods. Our purpose is to inform, protect and preserve the community from threats.

    Contact us at

    Join Our Cause


    Wedn 8.00 pm : 9000 Bathurst Street, Thornhill

    The JAFFARI CENTRE in Thornhill, in the past,has promoted Asad Jafri (speaker at the notorious hateful “Al Quds Day” celebrations), as well as to a group which disseminated anti Semitic literature (according to the National Post).

    According to Sun News, the center also taught children mock beheadings.

    Many Islamic groups have threatened violence and attacked people who peacefully showed any item which contradicts their beliefs, including even the simple act of drawing cartoons of Muhammad. This is unacceptable in free democracies.

    Accordingly, RISE CANADA will be showing Muhammad cartoons in front of the center on Wednesday evening from 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm. Islamic fundamentalists and hate mongers must be shown that Canada stands for freedom

    We welcome supported to attend. Defend freedom and stop the hate.

    Join Us In Ottawa

    On Wednesday May 20th, a group of Ottawa citizens has secured a permit from the RCMP to display Muhammad cartoons and other satirical images at the Northwest corner of the front lawn of Parliament Hill.

    RISE CANADA will support this display and in future, we will be showing Muhammad cartoons EVERY month at various locations in the Toronto metropolitan area.

    We encourage citizens to attend the Ottawa display. For details contact:

    Join Our Cause

    RISE CANADA's first showing of Muhammad cartoons in Toronto. More will follow. In a few weeks we shall start showing them outside media firms and mosques. CONTACT to participate. OTHER CITIES are welcome to contact and set up branches.

    Help Us Spread The Word of Freedom

    The RISE CANADA #REALjesuischarlie rally will take place at the corner of Yonge and Bloor on SUNDAY JAN 18th at 2pm.

    Many media are hypocritically shouting #Jesuischarlie ... while refusing to show the Muhammad cartoons. These are the same publications that routinely denigrate Christianity and Hinduism and all other faiths, while professing “sensitivity” towards Islam. Only Islam.

    Many rallies also scream #JeSuisCharlie while refusing to show Muhamad cartoons. To those hypocrites: VOUS N’EST PAS CHARLIE. RISE CANADA is the #REALjesuischarlie .


    Muhammad Cartoons

    Many media are hypocritically shouting #Jesuischarlie ... while refusing to show the Muhammad cartoons. These are the same publications that routinely denigrate Christianity and Hinduism and all other faiths, while professing “sensitivity” towards Islam. Only Islam.

    Many rallies also scream #JeSuisCharlie while refusing to show Muhammad cartoons. To those hypocrites: VOUS N’EST PAS CHARLIE. RISE CANADA is the #REALjesuischarlie .

    The RISE CANADA #REALjesuischarlie rally will take place at the corner of Yonge and Bloor on SUNDAY JAN 18th at 2pm.


    Join Our Cause


    LOCATION Corner of Bloor and Palmerston (just 2 blocks west of Bathurst Street)

    On Monday, Toronto voted in municipal elections and elected TDSB trustee (Trinity-Spadina), AUSMA MALIK. She has participated in fundraising events for the infamous "Toronto 18" charged Islamic terrorists. She has also participated in events where flags of banned Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah have been openly displayed. Below are short videos of our Street Team passing out flyers about Ausma Malik, and another about our team handing flyers re Islamic terrorism on Saturday in downtown Toronto. AT the bottom are is the flyer passed out re AUSMA MALIK.

    Join Our Cause

    The RISE CANADA street team passed out flyers to combat the scourge of Islamic extremism at Yonge & Dundas this Saturday. Below is the flyer we passed out and video footage of the event:

    Terrorism in Mississauga and Hate Crimes in Mississauga and Muslims in Mississauga - Terrorists