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Reporters For The Mississauga Gazette

Politics and City News

Karen is the editor for the Mississauga Gazette with over 20 years experience in managing various disciplines within Fortune 500 companies North America Wide. Mother, wife, lola and animal lover. Proud Mississaugian!


if you really Mississauga News and Mississauga Newspaper and reporting with Mississauga Gazette with Karen Heraldo covering the Mississauga Mayor Race and Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie and Kevin J Johnston. with Khaled Iwamura and Mississau

Wellness & Fitness
Monday Mornings

Jennifer is a fitness instructor of 9 years and a health and wellness expert. Join Jennifer for health tips and knowledge on how to lose weight and fell better!

Babies & Baby Care
Monday Mornings

Dr. Gladys Baranowski is a retired pediatrician of 42 years, having served numerous cities in the Eastern United States and South Africa. Expect some great advice on baby care in her column.

Tuesday Mornings

Danny did a great job on the TV show Master Chef Canada, and runs the diner Big D's House of Munch, and you need to try his cooking! Danny is a dynamite chef and is inviting you to read his column and visit his restaurant.

Future Mock, The Web Comic
Tuesday Mornings

A Well known and well loved British cartoonist who frequents Mississauga for business writes Future Mock, the cartoon dealing with the absurd and sci-fi.

Wednesday Mornings

Jennifer has been a coffee purchaser for 7 major coffee companies Canada and USA-wide. She knows coffee and has Joined the Jackal to tell you all she knows.

Wednesday Mornings

Steve Cali is a 30-Year Veteran of Print Media and Marketing in Southern Ontario. He knows how to get you noticed.

Wednesday Mornings

Former DJ, Comedian, Private Investigator and Full-Contact Fighter. He's interesting and has no fear. Expect some great stories from this one!

Baking & Recipes
Wednesday Mornings

Grandma Gwen is a baking expert with 60+ years experience in recipe creations and the best desserts in the country. We are lucky to have her on board.

Food, Cooking & Hot Sauce
Thursday Mornings

Master Chef Thomas Sharpe is the hot sauce KING of Ontario, and runs hot wings and eating contents all around Peel Region and Toronto. If you want a great local hot sauce by a great local guy, you have to visit Sharpe Foods!

Magic & Entertainment
Thursday Mornings

Are You Looking To Entertain Adult Audiences with Sophisticated Magic & Mind Reading? If so, Wij is your man!

Fishing, Bait & Tackle
Friday Mornings

Leonard is a veteran fisherman who toured all of North and South America fishing rivers, lakes and oceans. He has join the Mississauga Jackal to share all he knows about fishing with all of you.

Martial Arts, Self Defense & Fitness
Friday Mornings

Chaya is a fitness and martial arts historical and instructor specializing in helping senior citizens in the maintaining of good health.

Science & Technology
Friday Mornings

Lance is a former designer and developer of Medical Scanning Equipment. Now he consults for major technology corporations world wide and writes for us!


Peter Penetta is a patriot and a concerned citizen of Mississauga.

Bowling & Bowling Culture
Thursday Mornings

Tony Bonora has owned and operated Streetsville Bowl in Mississauga and Georgetown Bowl in Georgetown for more than 35 years. He is an expert in 5-Pin and 10-Pin Bowling. Look for his column on Thursday Mornings.

Cars and Vehicle Performance
Tuesday Mornings

Performance Expert and President of STAGE 9 PERFORMANCE is here to tell you what you need to know about cars and improving car performance.

Water & Green Technology
Retired From The Gazette. We Wish Frank All The Best!

Frank is a Green Technology Expert. Having been a consultant on clean water technology for more than 30 years, he knows everything about clean water and green tech that has been written.

Extreme Sports
Monday Mornings

Max is a male model and a handsome one at that. He is an expert snowboarder, water skier and BASE jumper. If you want to know the best way to risk your life, you must read Max's column!

Sports - Student Journalist

AAA Hockey Player and Sports Enthusiast in Mississauga.

Raine Hernandez - Student Journalist For Sports at the Mississauga Newspaper the Mississauga Gazette.

Promotions & Advertising

Former DJ, Comedian, Private Investigator and Full-Contact Fighter. He's interesting and has no fear. Expect some great stories from this one!

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