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Upcoming Elections

04/24/2018, 11:45am EDT
By Karen Heraldo

Who wants race wars?

As the candidates come forward in our muinicipal and provincial elections here in Ontario it becomes very clear very fast; who is a nationalist defending the people they serve and who is a globalist pushing an agenda to help only them (perhaps) and their handlers.  

Have you noticed that the generations come before us in Western societies taught us to judge others based on the quality of a person's character and not their skin colour?  Have you noticed that gay people were treated with respect and given the same rights as hetrosexuals through natural evolution here in North America?  We've come together and want to keep the peace and if that means war then so be it - western values are worth protecting!

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We the people want to know the truth.  When mainstream media puts out headlines with an uncontrollable van as the cause of the recent deaths in Toronto we can plainly see they are giving us a controlled, carefully designed statement.  But for whom?

Let's consider the men and women of the sixties of all races who fought for equality in America and Canada.  From there, can you find these same people today and hear their stances on what is happening?

trust jeff sessions we don't want race wars treat vets with respect and care if you really Mississauga News and Mississauga Newspaper and reporting with Mississauga Gazette with Karen Heraldo covering the Mississauga Mayor Race and Mississauga Mayor Bonni

It runs the gammet from total disgust and avoidance to a reversal of thought.  The latter is quality character in action.  We have come so far that colour is no longer an issue and the gay dude was never ostracized.  

There are less than eight thousand KKK members worldwide. There are currently over 1.6 billion islamic adherents and this number is set to grow in the coming years if we are not properly educated.


So is there a forgiveness for those who lived in a time of history that a group like the KKK may have been prominent and do we see how they trail blazed the way to higher levels of understanding?    The point is it didn't grow, it diminishes and most turned away from that type of thinking and actually learned skin colour did not mean they were superior.  As time went on the ones who denounced a superior race became our heroes in the west and helped shape truly, inclusive value systems.

More concertedly are the people, especially those in current leadership roles that may still admire any KKK leader or group, past or present in 2018!?  Let's find those and re-educate those but I've been yet to find any here in Mississauga. 

For the men and women who lived though it and rose above it - we thank you! An example are laws from the south for inmates.  They no longer use whipping posts or chain gang work crews and this was implemented by leaders who saw opportunities for improvements and ethical treatment of prisoners. And they keep coming from these past generations who want better, which brings me to Doug Ford.

Doug Ford is an elite that doesn't want to screw the little guy.  It appears he is helping Canada drain it's swamp. So we thank main stream media reporters for asking the question, is he like Donald J Trump!  But Mr. Ford seems to care not he's been labeled that way.  He's focused and not playing their political games.  He states time and again he is more interested in holding the liberals accountable. Something most Canadians wanted to hear!  

Come back dear readers for coverage of our hometown's mayoral race~it's bound to be an interesting one!

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