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Lose Yourself, Please!

04/11/2018, 8:30am EDT
By Karen Heraldo

Ethic Online Cleansing

There was an music artist that I really appreciated over the years.  I found his music motivational and it gave me energy to push through physical fatigue when needing a boost.  It was that energizing.  There were a few songs of his I didn't like the lyrics to, but the beats were always great and I believed in free speech, so I kept a playlist of his more palatable songs and played them often. 

This past weekend as I shared what was being exposed on social-media about this particular musician and how the swamp goes all the way to Hollywood, people were shocked. Why would a fan like me be so upset with the great Eminem? 

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His most recent video depicts the murder of Ivanka Trump!  How can this be? Could she not sue him for that?  I wasn't surprised when the Secret Service knocked on Kathy Griffen's door after her unfunny, stupid stunt. I was curious why Snoop Dog never got a call.  And, will someone be arresting Eminem? If not for inciting violence against the President's daughter then how about for just plain, terrible music?  It's hard for me to admit it but it's true.  It was such a disgrace.

There was a prior Eminem rant against Trump himself before this last attack on Trump's daughter, Ivanka.  I remembering listening then and thinking, "Wow, he's really losing it!".  But this last video is the line drawn in the sand for me as a fan.  Mainstream music and Hollywood have sunk to a new, all-time low.  When these artists in Hollywood allow vicious attacks on a man and his family that gave so much to the industry in the first place with The Apprentice and more, it really turns a fan off for life!

Which brings me to the point why I have not watched Saturday Night Live in awhile.  Alec Baldwin does the worst impression of Donald J. Trump ever. It ought to be criminal!

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