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google goes beserker no mention of easter passover in google doodles, social-engineering inclusion diversity unity in canada

By-Passing Blatant Bias

04/04/2018, 10:00am EDT
By Karen Heraldo


Not sure what happened over Easter weekend with Google? The search engine landing page did not have the usual seasonal Google Doodle celebrating any Judeo-Christian themes like they have done in past years and should have for the spring holy days that just past this year. 

We have excelled at inclusion here in Canada and so we are always happy to see the celebration of other cultures on social-media platforms.  This past weekend however, it was blatantly obvious Easter and/or Passover were overlooked this season once again and one can't help but wonder why?

google social-engineering drops easter of passover images on google doodle, unity inclusion and diversity in Canada

If the goal is to respect, learn about and include all the diversity that has evolved in the world over the decades then this would appear to be a grave mistake on someone's part.  If it was done on purpose then they have been able to offend many; not only from the omission but from the alternative message being forced fed. It seems people hate to be told what to think, and there are many currently attempting to work it out together by discussing it on social-media. Through either memes or chats one quickly gets that the temperature is heating up with each consecutive year Easter or Passover is neglected and people wonder if it's some type of social-engineering.

Equality is something we have also done well here. We are not perfect and we need to keep working on it, but for the most part this is another area where Canada excels on the world-stage.  So we ask Google this: Will you please stop the cherry picking and go back to full inclusion of it all? If you don't, none of it means anything anyway.

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