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Without Freedom to Offend, It Ceases to Exist!

03/28/2018, 11:00am EDT
By Concerned Citizen

Twitter is something we have all grown accustomed to and have come to love. We wonder how we got along before Twitter and yet if you knew how terribly censored the average individual with an intelligent opinion is, you would want to change it.  In fact if you really caught on to what their agenda is, you would simply type in your web-browser what I typed in this past December: 'Twitter Alternatives'

In this fast moving pace of our digital world I found many websites that were already out of business but eventually came across a clean, simple green and white logo that read: gab. AI accompanied with the with the hashtag, speak freely below.

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I signed up for gab AI after reading a number of reviews which were all positive.  My research, the reviews and then hearing  our favorite and most entertaining news personality in North America , Alex Jones from praising the service and indicating he was going to start broadcasting live through it too, I was all in!

I began gabbing which is the same as tweeting. People responded positively. A friend of mine warned me that gab AI was considered to be a conservative website and that I should expect a lot of bad language and hate speech. Instead what I received was a lot of positive, entertaining and informative speech. What impressed me most was the amount of accurate political opinions and allowance for varying opinions.


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Respect for free speech and difference of opinion is evident.  People do not push the boundaries of good taste on gab AI  because they are not told what or what no to say.  I find it's the same idea as the kids who are 16 drinking alcohol because they're told they are not allowed.  If you simply said the drinking age is now 12 years of age, kids who are 16 would realize how terrible the stuff tastes and never touch it or have healthy attitudes like many European descents who make no big deal about one glass of wine with dinner to help digestion.  People will always do what you tell them not to do. Gab AI allows you to say what you want so long as you are within the confines of American law.  When given the chance to self-regulate, gab AI users have proven to be a most wonderful community.

Twitter made a very big mistake in 2017 by allowing actress Leslie Jones who starred in the obnoxious remake of Ghostbuster and had an all female cast by the way, to allow insults and threats on Twitter by her and yet when journalist and provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos cracked one non-threatening joke about her back, he was thrown off of Twitter.  This gained him more notoriety than Twitter could ever have brought to him by using Twitter's rules, and he is now a very wealthy man.  Come to gab Ai and follow Milo and many others to choose from.

Mississauga Newspaper and Mississauga News with the MIssissauga Gazette and Mississauga Kitchens and Mississauga Bathrooms. Mayor Bonnie Crombie and Kevin J Johnston in Mississauga!

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