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Ladies Are Helping Set Off Spring

03/23/2018, 10:00am EDT
By Karen Heraldo


Rebecka Vigus is a retired teacher with over 28 years of experience. She has been published for 39 years. Ms. Vigus has 13 books published and is working on the next. She has a Bachelors Degree, a Masters Degree, and advanced course work in leadership.

She offers help to those who want to write but are stuck on where to begin. She is a coach for those who have written, but feel they need to better understand marketing and what to do next. Rebecka is one of those trailblazers using live-stream and social-media quite effectively. And she offers coaching for those wanting to know how to get published without being ripped off. Ms. Vigus believes in giving back to those who want to write and without having to go through the pitfalls she did as a writer. It was she who told me about Jerrilynn B. Thomas and her LinkedIn women writers initiative.

Are you a published or aspiring female author? If yes, add yourself to the 2018 One Million Woman Link Up's new author mixer series (live and virtual) organized exclusively for female LinkedIn members who have published or plan to publish a book this year. They will be spearheaded by businesswomen Rebecka Vigus and Tammie Polk in partnership with Jerrilynn B. Thomas, founder of Collaborative Business Match, to boost awareness of the 2018 One Million Woman Link Up.


There will be much wealth of knowledge and plenty to learn from these amazing ladies. However great writing is not bias toward the sexes and so here are some suggestions to get both men and women started if so inclined.

There are the obvious ones, paper, pen, pencil, and computer. The least used and most useful is keeping a journal.

An important tool to have is a flash drive, external hard drive, or some other way to back up your work. The last thing you want is to be in the editing stages and lose your entire work due to computer malfunctions.

You need a thesaurus, a synonym finder, and a grammar book.  If you use an on-line dictionary you are fine, but be careful it is one which lines up with the story you are telling. You cannot write historical fiction with an urban dictionary. Same for thesaurus and synonym finder. Rebecka says old school in some ways is best here.

An editor is a must. You need to find someone who has no emotional connection to your work. Someone who is not afraid to offend you when they tell you what is wrong with your book. They should also tell you how to correct your book. It is a two-way street. There must be give and take. Know some of your chapters might need to be cut out. Find a crying towel.

Finally, you need a thick skin. Your editor is going to show no mercy and shouldn’t. Their goal is to make your work the best. Some of their comments might hurt your feelings or offend you, get over it. You are paying them to edit, not feed your ego.

Yes, I said you need to pay an editor. The publishing companies don’t offer this. If you are self-publishing, you don’t want to look like an amateur. You are striving for professionalism.

Your  first assignment is to gather your tools. You can leave the editor until you have a completed the work.

Hope to see our women readers of the Mississauga Gazette online at the 2018 One Million Woman Link Up's new author mixer series. And men, keep writing your stories!  It's going to be a refreshing way for us to kick-off spring!


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