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Keep a Look-out and Rock On

04/01/2018, 12:30pm EDT
By Karen Heraldo

The amount of biased slant in a prominent, local newspaper here in Mississauga  does not surprise us anymore. Especially when it comes to one of our own citizens running for mayor.  With all due respect I must respond to the comments made by reporter Louie Rosella in Thursday March the 15th's edition found on page fifteen.

While it is true Kevin J Johnston has been the prominent figure in the debate centered on mulsim prayers in Peel schools, declaring he has published material targeting them is fakenews!


The concern with these prayers in public schools and the reward challenge was about something deeper. We had prayers in areas of schools closed off to others and in a foreign language. Which is odd enough in itself since formally reciting the Lord's prayer was abolished in our public schools. Our teachers were directed to sit in as supervision but could not understand one word.  Some of the prayers were said to contain phrases that our western society hive mind has already deemed as hate speech and maybe our new residents didn't know but no-one could tell for sure.  If they had not closed off sections of public areas to others, invited all students of every faith openly and spoke in English,  then a brave father like Kevin would not have had to be the spokesperson to find out for the parents and administrators who wanted answers and weren't getting any from their leaders.

How do you feel about official leaders charging citizens without giving the benefit of the doubt and dealing with it directly with the person involved?  This is always the better course of action if it is possible. Common sense solutions are what we expect from leaders. All I want to say about this "other charge" mentioned in the article is that, Lord Pearson had the foresight to start addressing what Kevin was attempting to address with humour with their citizens in a brilliant interview with Tommy Robinson. All western societies will be asking.

And folks, our Mississauga council is asking for public input on whether Canadian citizenship is required to become a member of a local government committee. Do they mean sitting in and observing as participating? We will have to attend the March 21st general committee meeting to find out exactly what Pat Saito and Carolyn Parrish mean.  One would wonder why a person who had no desire to become a Canadian citizen would want to participate in government committees, yes? Observing to learn to become part of the citizenry might work after vetting but anything else is just lawlessness. Thanks to Councilor Nando Iannicca for asking these ladies to get public input first.

Get your tickets for the Josh O'Reilly boxing match headlining this Saturday the 17th at the Hershey Centre, while it's still named the Hershey Centre. We will discuss that in another post dear readers. 

Have a wonderful weekend in our beautiful city, Mississauga and grab yourself a green beer to help celebrate Saint Patrick's day~

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