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Coming Soon: A Mayor Race

04/03/2018, 9:00am EDT
By Karen Heraldo

Is shadow banning ever a good idea and what is #InternetBillofRights?

Today marks an important event to take note of for those of us looking forward to the upcoming Mississauga mayoral race. 

Keven J Johnston who will be running, has been doing a daily morning and Wednesday evening radio show for over a year now.  It has been a success. It will be the way future leaders, who can handle it, will be forced to engage to grow their networks within the public domain, who now demand transparency for all involved.

Canadians will be waiting for KJJ to return with Mike Filip, host of which airs live every Saturday 3 - 5pm EST, in thirty days to inform and delight us with their in-depth discussions and fun banter on their live-stream and internet radio morning programs.

Apparently Kevin was suspended for thirty days on Facebook for a video in which he uses a word that I myself as a mom and woman do not use.  When others have used this word around me, I've taken the opportunity to explain why it is not a good idea to label women that way in my opinion. However, Kevin was making a point with humour and that may often offend others. And yet, that always says way more about the person trying to shut it down and censor it than the one speaking it, if you are paying attention.

When (someone) like Kevin speaks, and you are listening to hear the point the man is trying to make, one will inevitably walk away with a broader perspective. His personality is such that you may challenge him with any of the things he says and he will have an open-minded, smart debate with you.  Perfect for a mayor! 

We here at the Gazette are looking forward to all the candidates running. We will be fair in our coverage of each candidate's campaigns.

I have been hearing from people in Mississauga who are upset with Bonnie Crombie, our current mayor and so we will see if she can pull it together for a race that is going to be epic for Canadians.

Stay tuned readers for more on Mississauga politics!
And remember we have the provincials to cover in June.

Who do you see as the next visionary leader for Canada, or do you?

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