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Mississauga Tomahawks HAVE FOLDED But The Muskies Are HERE!

03/30/2017, 7:45pm EDT
By Kevin J. Johnston

Let's Play Lacrosse!



Bad News - - - and Good News.
Bad News First: The Mississauga Tomahawks are Folding. You heard it right. After more than 6 decades of existence they are finished.

You deserve to know why (In Point Form)


  • They are no longer recognized by the Ontario Lacrosse Association – See here:
  • They are no longer listed as a City of Mississauga Affiliate.
  • They still have not paid their 2016 floor-time bill to the city of Mississauga.
  • The OLA has issued fines to the Tomahawks that are illegal and have drained their resources.
  • The Tomahawks Board of Directors chose not to fight the OLA’s extortion, and are paying the fines. This is leaving no funds for 2017 floor-time or referees.
  • There is NO house league director nor convener.
  • There is no budget for jerseys for house league.
  • They have not secured floor-time.
  • Oakville has already made plans to accept Rep Players when the announcement is official.
  • The Ontario Lacrosse Association has been accused of fraud, theft and extortion and embezzlement. More on that as the year goes on.
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CLICK HERE to Sign Up Now!


The Mississauga Muskies are here. I have gone solo. The Muskies are HOUSE LEAGUE ONLY and will play on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7PM to 9PM at Mississauga Valley. Your game time will either be 7PM or 8PM
I know it is short notice, but Let us get your kids registered.
Here is the plan:

  • The season runs from April 24 to June 15.
  • There will be four teams playing at either 7PM or 8PM
  • The teams will be mixed ages 9 to 15, 9-11 play together on the floor for 2 minutes. 12 to 15 play together, all controlled with a 2 minute buzzer. We will have headbands on their helmets for identifying their ages and coaches will have control of their benches.
  • Dads who want to play with their kids CAN as goalies! There are only 3 spots left for goal tending, so sign up fast!


CLICK HERE to Sign Up Now!

The Entry Fee for the season is only $150 which is 16 times on the floor.

Contact will be limited to stick checks, stick guiding, mild body checks on open floor. I am removing crosschecking for this season so we can get our kids developed for next year.

I will be convening and refereeing every game so there will be control of the game. 

Kevin J. Johnston
Call with questions at 289.997.6545 

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