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Youtube scam. A big company stealing from Youtubers. Youtube news here on the Mississauga Gazette. Our competitor is Insauga, led by Khaled Iwamura. Bonnie Crombie is the mayor of Mississauga.

The Youtube Network Scam

03/27/2017, 10:10am EDT
By Louay Attia

Crime Wears a Corporate Mask

I recently conducted some in-depth research on one of the modern world’s favorite entertainment platforms, Youtube. While it seems like pointless fun on the surface, this website has grown drastically since its inception in 2005 and is now one of the most lucrative corporations on the planet. What makes Youtube so unique is that anyone can create and upload a video to be viewed by the public. Not only that, but creators have the ability to monetize their content, allowing them to earn a profit from videos based on view-count. This idea has even evolved to the point where many individuals have gained enough popularity on Youtube to transform it into a full time job.

But as with any growing marketplace, a few bad apples have emerged to scam the successful out of their hard earned money. The scam I’m referring to is known within the industry as a Youtube Network. These schemes are run by third party companies who seduce growing Youtube channels into signing away a certain percentage of their profits in exchange for promotion on their videos. And while some of these companies actually work to properly compensate their partners, such as Machinima or Maker Studios, many others simply serve as a means of scamming naïve Youtubers out of their money.

A fine example of such a company is the infamous BroadbandTV, or BBTV as I’ll be calling them. This company was brought to my attention when an associate of mine was considering signing on with them and requested that I look into their practices. So I did this. But what I found was truly surprising and opened my eyes to the more seedy side of Youtube business.

Upon typing the company’s name into the Youtube search bar, I was met with a barrage of videos from dozens of channels all calling out BBTV as a huge scam that shamelessly steals from Youtubers who sign with them. Naturally I was curious to learn the basis of these claims, so I took the time to watch and study several of the more popular videos. The complaints against BBTV were not only incriminating, but consistent. Every single creator I saw had practically the same story; stating that BBTV had promised them a large promotion and an increase in traffic to their channel, but ultimately left them disappointed and trapped in a long term contract.

One gentlemen even claimed that he had committed as much as 40% of his annual revenue to the company, only to see no tangible results. The Youtuber went on to explain that his attempts to contact the company were met with useless automated responses. To make matters worse, when he finally did get in contact with BBTV and understandably wanted to terminate his contract, the Youtuber was told bluntly that cutting off the contract prematurely would be a violation of their agreement.

Luckily for us, this man wouldn’t take no for an answer and personally looked over the terms of his contract. In an interesting twist, it turns out that being locked into the agreement was NOT part of the contract, and that the company was blatantly lying to him in an attempt to scare him into submitting. However, this clever Youtuber was able to break off his agreement with BBTV and create the video that conveyed this story to me.

In conclusion, BBTV has proven itself to be a disreputable company that lies to its partners, steals money without delivering what they promised, and offering the client no alternative if they are unsatisfied. With behavior like that it’s no wonder why larger Youtubers swear off networks as manipulative scams.

So now that you have knowledge of this illicit aspect of business on Youtube, be sure to share that information with anyone you may know who has an interest in doing Youtube professionally. Companies like BBTV have selfishly destroyed potential careers in the past and it’s up to the community to recognize Youtube Networks for the vampiric scams they are.

Youtube scam. A big company stealing from Youtubers. Youtube news here on the Mississauga Gazette. Our competitor is Insauga, led by Khaled Iwamura. Bonnie Crombie is the mayor of Mississauga.


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