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Smarter Food Choices 101 Tips for Busy Women

01/09/2018, 10:15am EST
By Danny Raposo

Summer is often synonymous with beaches, ballparks and barbecues, all offering tempting snacks and treats. To many women who are watching their weight, the back-to-school season is an ideal time to enroll in their own "Making Smarter Food Choices 101" class and refocus on a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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To help these busy women make wiser food choices, Weight Watchers has partnered with food manufacturer Dawn Food Products Inc. to create a line of sweet baked goods that make the grade in convenience, portability and taste. Available nationwide in carrot, lemon and chocolate snack cakes and blueberry and double chocolate muffins, Weight Watchers sweet baked goods satisfy hunger and are lower in calories and fat than traditional sweets.

"We all want flexibility in our lives, be it in our daily routine or in our food choices," said Schryse Williams, vice president of consumer brands for Dawn Food Products. "It's all about balance and offering consumers the opportunity to make sensible choices." 

Most foods can fit into a balanced diet - in moderation. Some tips for making smarter food choices include:

* Go whole grain. Consume three or more 1-ounce servings of whole-grain products per day, along with three servings of enriched grains.

* Eat calcium-rich foods. Consume two cups per day of fat-free or low-fat milk or milk products.

* Find balance between physical activity and food you eat. Make sure you aren't taking in more calories than you're using or burning.

* Limit intake of saturated and trans fats. Trans fats have been linked to increased risk of heart disease. Look for low or no trans fats on the label.

* Get active. Engaging in regular physical activity and reducing sedentary activities can promote good health, psychological well-being and a healthy body weight.

* Size does matter. Buying treats in small, individual packages for portion control helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


'Big D' Danny Raposo
President of Big D's House of Munch
& Food Writer
Mississauga Gazette

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