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Issues Related to Relecommunications Towers

07/01/2015, 9:15am EDT
By Sue McFadden

Here Is All You Need To Know

Posted July 14, 2014 — I am currently addressing issues related to two cell towers in Ward 10. This is federally regulated issue and so I am working closely with the MPs in our area to address the concerns raised by the residents that we all represent. I have included a graphic that quickly outlines how the siting of towers is regulated. To find out more about cell towers, visit Industry Canada's webpage.

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Lisgar Fields

Last week, Bell Canada installed its new tower in the park at Lisgar Fields. This application was first brought to my attention in the fall of 2012. This is a long time ago and so it's certainly understandable that some nearby residents may not recall receiving any information on it. Bell followed the prescribed process outlined by Industry Canada as well as the protocol established by the City of Mississauga.

Even though a letter from my office was not required, I wanted to ensure residents were aware of the application so I sent a notification letter in December 2012 to residents in the vicinity of the new tower. In addition, Bell sent its required notice to affected residents around the same time. A public open house was held on January 29, 2013 with representatives from Bell, the City (Planning & Building and Parks), MP Brad Butt's office and myself. Three local residents attended. Once the tower is activated, Bell will remove the existing tower on Doug Leavens Boulevard (opposite the entrance to the park) as well as all the cable boxes in the boulevard.

Update: MP Brad Butt has written a letter to the Lisgar Residents' Association outlining the public consultation process that has occured with respect to the move of this cell tower into the park at Lisgar Fields.

Erin Centre Boulevard
A few weeks ago, a new cell tower suddenly appeared on the commercial (private) property at 3955 Erin Centre Boulevard, a retail plaza adjacent to Ninth Line. This tower, built by WIND Mobile, was done without following any protocols established by Industry Canada or the City. In fact, it was I who brought it to the attention of our staff after driving past the location on my way home. I immediately sent a letter to 300 neighbouring homes advising of the tower. I have met with residents on multiple occasions to discuss the issue and have been in contact with MP Dechert's office, City staff as well as WIND Mobile representatives to share the residents' concerns over the tower's proximity to the residences. I am meeting in person with WIND on July 16 and am confident we can come to an agreeable solution to this issue.

Update: Great news for the residents living near Erin Centre and Ninth Line... I was able to convince WIND to take down the cell phone tower that they put up without public consultation and relocate it to an area adjacent to the 407. A special thank you to those residents who contacted me to speak out on this issue. Great things happen when a community works together. Moving the tower will take some time; I appreciate your patience as the details are worked out.

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