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Volunteer Information For Meadowvale Hockey

08/30/2016, 7:15am EDT
By Kevin J. Johnston

2016 / 2017 Season

Meadowvale is a dynamic volunteer based organization.  We welcome volunteers of all ages on an ongoing basis.  Would you like to share your time and skills with our hockey community?  If you have an interest or experience in minor hockey, sports, youth, education, training, health, fundraising, HR, PR or volunteer management, please have a look at the following roles and email the appropriate contact.

A Vulnerable Criminal Check and Training will be required. We invite enthusiastic, friendly and savvy parents, seniors, high school students, college and university students and adults to join us.  Ideal for gaining work experience in your field or community hours.
Meadowvale is the destination to play hockey in Mississauga!

Coaches                                    Adults/Seniors

Assistant Coaches                     Post Secondary Students/Adults/Seniors

Team Managers                         Adults/Seniors

Trainers                                     Post Secondary Students/Adults/Seniors

Special Event Volunteers           HS & PS Students/Adults/Seniors

Registration Assistants              PS Students/Adults/Seniors

Board Members                         Adults/Seniors

Web Designers                           Adults

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The hockey season runs from September to mid April. A few house league teams may have summer practices, but this is not required. There is usually 1 game and 1or 2 practices per week depending on the age and skill level. House league teams may have 1-3 tournaments per year, depending on the team’s budget and level of commitment.


For rep teams, the season runs from August to April. There are usually 2 games & 2 practices per week. One can expect to attend several tournaments during the year depending on the team’s budget. Summer practices are expected.


A Head Coach is the CEO of a team. They need to be mature, reliable, experienced and available by email or phone as needed. A coach needs to be a positive role model and mentor for all players, and commands the respect and cooperation of parents. Coaches commit to open and ongoing communication with parents, other coaches and the Board.

The MMHA’s purpose is to provide an environment that allows each player to develop to his or her fullest potential. Coach selection is critical to this goal. Coaches are chosen by the MMHA Coach Selection Committee based on a number of factors including experience, training, certification, player needs, parent evaluations, attitude, enthusiasm, dedication, history, and MMHA needs.

You may be asked to attend an interview as part of the application process. Most coaches are parents, but this is not necessary. We welcome suitable adults and seniors with a passion for hockey. 

Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches receive ongoing support, guidance and training from Senior Coaches and Members of the Board.


An Assistant Coach assists the Head Coach in fulfilling their duties and making key decisions. Assistant coaches are critical on the ice and behind the bench. They inspire players to excel, and offer hockey advice and support as needed. If a Head Coach is absent, Assistant Coaches can run practices and games. Assistant Coaches reinforce positive team bonding and strong work ethic. Read the Coach Tab for more information.

Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches receive ongoing support, guidance and training from Senior Coaches and Members of the Board.


Trainers play an important role in ensuring that all players are medically fit for play. They assist in removing an injured player off the ice and administer basic CPR and/or ensure access to immediate and appropriate medical attention for an injured player. Trainers also keep track of player allergies, injuries and any medical conditions.

Trainers attend all practices, games and tournaments. A team may have more than one certified trainer to ensure coverage.

If you are interested in becoming a Trainer, please contact to be considered for assignment to a Meadowvale team. A Vulnerable Criminal Check, CPR training and Respect in Sport (an online course) is required. You will be reimbursed for these expenses. An interview will also be required.


A team manager works closely with a coach to ensure the success of their team. The Team Manager completes a number of important tasks throughout the hockey season.A Team Manager's responsibilities include:Budget - determining the budget in consultation with the coach and communicating the budget to parents on a regular basis, tracking the budget, collecting money and opening a team bank account, authorizing payments for training and apparel.

Communications - The Team Manager is a key liaison between the coach and parents, tracking and communicating new information, schedules, relaying concerns and clarifying issues when required. Many Team Managers use an app called Team Snap to communicate practices, games, tournaments, special events and snack schedules with their team.

Bookings - booking tournaments, deciding on hotels for tournaments, applying for tournament permits, issuing receipts, organizing team activities and parties, informing the team about training opportunities, contests and MMHA events.
Team managers are required to attend all practices, games, tournaments and team activities. This is a serious commitment.


We require responsible, computer savvy individuals to re-route emails to appropriate Board members. They are not to answer incoming emails, simply to re-direct them in a timely manner.

We also require assistance with registering new players, issuing team rosters and other administrative tasks. If you would like to volunteer as a Registration Assistant, please contact Training will be required by the Meadowvale Registrar. A Vulnerable Criminal Check, CPR training and Respect in Sport (an online course) is required. You will be reimbursed for these expenses. An interview will also be required.


We require mature, adult Board Members to share their field of expertise, advise the Board of opportunities, work cooperatively with all Board Members, assist with MMHA activities and fundraising events, and to promote Meadowvale Hockey. A Vulnerable Criminal Check and Respect in Sport (an online course) is required. You will be reimbursed for these expenses. An interview will also be required. If you would like to volunteer as a Board Member, please contact


We invite interested high school and postsecondary students, adults and seniors who would like to help out with various special events. We would be happy to add your name to a list of volunteers who can assist with specific tasks for a few hours for special events such as fundraisers or charity events, picture day or other events. Training may or may not be required depending on the task.

We require individuals who are responsible, friendly, enthusiastic and professional in appearance and behavior. All volunteers must represent Meadowvale Minor Hockey Association in a positive manner. Volunteer hours will be noted and verified as required. Volunteer selection will be on as needed basis at the discretion of the Director of Marketing. If you would like to become a Special Events Volunteer, please contact


We require enthusiastic and creative thinkers to assist with the design and maintenance of the website. 

Familiarity with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Google+ is an asset.

Please contact to be a part of this exciting team.

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