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Lorne Park Clarkson Wild - Staggered Payments For Online Registrants

06/30/2016, 6:00am EDT
By Kevin J. Johnston

Good News For Parents

If you are using a credit card to register you have the option to request staggered payments.


Your credit card will be automatically charged on dates specified by you. The number of payments allowable will depend on when you register.


If you register:


  • Before July 1st you have a 4 payment option


  • After June 30th to Before August 1st you have a 3 payment option


  • After July 31st to Before September 1st you have a 2 payment option
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Registrants that apply after September 1st will make payment in full.

To schedule staggered payments during Online Registration, make sure you select Credit Card as your payment method. You will be asked during checkout if you would like to make payment in full, or if you would like a Payment Schedule. The appropriate schedules for each registration package chosen will appear.

*ALL Payments must be made by SEPTEMBER 1st in order to participate in evaluations


*Payment Schedules will only appear if you select Credit Card as your payment method. 

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