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Lorne Park Clarkson Wild - A Note on Convenors

07/25/2016, 5:30am EDT
By Kevin J. Johnston

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What is the purpose of Convening? Convening is for all House League Players, and occurs during the first six weeks of the regular season. Its purpose is to determine each child’s skill level, and to make necessary changes in order to ensure that teams and divisions are well balanced. A well-balanced team will provide each child with an enjoyable experience and helps them to continue to grow and improve their hockey skills.

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Convenors. Who are they? Lorne Park Clarkson convenors are qualified people who are experienced in minor hockey and dedicated to making hockey a fun and memorable part of every player’s life. They are individually selected for their ability to organize, facilitate and get things done. There is one convenor assigned to each age group, and under the immediate guidance of the LPCHA Head Convenor. it is his or her job to act as the buffer between coaches, parents and the association. They meet with the parents and coaches to provide a channel of communication between each other and ensure that questions and/or concerns are effectively addressed in a timely manner.

Evaluations - Convenors supervise the entire process to ensure that all players receive a fair and equal evaluation and are placed at the appropriate level based on ability.

MHL series convening  - Working with their counterparts from the other associations within the MHL, the convenors ensure that teams and players are placed at the correct competitive level. This includes attending several organizational meetings and many games during the six-week convening period. The LPC convenor is LPCHA’s voice for each age group in this pivotal process.

Regular Season Play  - Convenors are the communication conduit to the association directors. They field questions, transfer information and address concerns as they arise. By attending games and practices, they assist in evaluating coaches as well as player and parent behavior. Coaches use their convenor to obtain information regarding clinics, mentoring programmes, hockey schools, association events, league rules, etc.


Get to know your convenor. They are there to help you and your son or daughter get the most out of the season.

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