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The Role of a Mississauga City Councillor by Pat Saito

01/11/2016, 8:00am EST
By Pat Saito

It's More Than You Think

As a Mississauga Councillor, I represent the citizens of Ward 9 at two levels of government - the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel.  My responsibilities are generally the same at both governments although the services provided by each is different.

Councillors attend committee and Council meetings at both governments and we sit on various boards to represent one or the other level of government.  Each term, Councillors are appointed to sit on different committees and boards. 

For this term 2011 - 2014, I am on the following committees and boards:

City of Mississauga Advisory Committees
Accessibility Advisory Committee
Advertising Review Panel
Citizen Appointment Nominating Committee
Economic Development Advisory Council
Governance Committee (Vice Chair)
Mississauga Celebration Square Committee
Road Safety Mississauga Advisory Committee 
Shark Finning Committee

Pat Saito and Pat Sato - Mississauga City Council - Ward 9 - Mississauga News and Mississauga Gazette - Mayor Bonnie Crombie - Kevin J. Johnston Ward 9 and Mississauga Newspaper. with Khaled Iwamura - Mississauga news and City Council News in

Mississauga Standing Committees
General Committee
Budget Committee
Planning & Development Committee

Enersource Board of Directors
Mississauga/Toronto West Tourism Advisory Board (Chair)
Meadowvale Theatre Advisory Board 
Safe City Mississauga

Region of Peel Advisory Committees
Arterial Roads Review Ad hoc Steering Committee (Chair)
Early Learning and Child Care in Peel Task Force 
Emergency and Protective Services Committee
Emergency Management Program Committee 
Intergovernmental Relations Advisory Committee 
Inter-Municipal Planning Subcommittee 
Ontario Traffic Conference 
Peel Police Services Board Nomination Ad Hoc Committee
Peel Housing Corporation

Region Standing Committees
Regional Council
Regional General Committee
Youth Violence Prevention Advisory Committee

Community Organizations
Meadowvale Community Partnership
Friends of Lake Wabukayne

As the Councillor, I also meet regularly with the local residents' associations as well as school parent councils and other organizations in the ward.  I work closely with the police on traffic and crime prevention issues and with other levels of government such as the provincial and federal government on various matters.  These include such things as housing, transportation, health and social services.

It is the job of Council to review all reports and recommendations made by staff from the various departments and to make decisions based on the information they get and on input from the public.  I also make suggestions to staff about many things in the ward such as traffic controls, roads, by-law problems, etc.  I meet with residents as often as I can and hold public meetings to let them know about what is happening in the ward and to get their comments on proposals.

Council sets all policy and approves all procedures and budgets.  Staff will recommend that certain projects be done but Council makes the decision whether or not to proceed.  Regional Council also approves the Peel Regional Police budget and appoints members to the Police Services Board.


Corporate Services
Ambulance and Emergency Programs




Peel Living (non profit housing



Property Services


Realty Services
Peel Heritage Complex

Regional Transportation Studies

Official Plan Review


Policy and Research

Social Services
Childrens Services (daycare centres)
Seniors' Services



Ontario Works (general welfare, hostels,

Transportation and Works
Regional road construction
Regional road maintenance (repairs, snow clearing, etc.)
Waste Management



Sanitary Sewers
Regional traffic operations

General finance
Regional taxes




Information Technology

Environmental Health
Health Planning

Family Health
Healthy Lifestyles


Sexual Health and communicable diseases

Pat Saito and Pat Sato - Mississauga City Council - Ward 9 - Mississauga News and Mississauga Gazette - Mayor Bonnie Crombie - Kevin J. Johnston Ward 9 and Mississauga Newspaper. with Khaled Iwamura - Mississauga news and City Council News in
Mississauga Gazette Logo and Mississauga News Logo. Mississauga Newspaper. Jim Tovey and Bonnie Crombie

Attached is a list of City and Regional Departments.


Corporate Services
By-law enforcement
Parking Control
Animal Services



Legal services
Finance (taxes, etc.)
Information Technology

Committee of Adjustment
Material Management

Community Services
Recreation and Parks



Fire Department


Facility Management

Planning and Building
Development applications

Policy planning

Building inspections

Building permits
Transportation and Works
Road maintenance
(repairs, snow clearing, street cleaning, etc.)

Road construction

Traffic operations
Storm sewers
City Manager's
Economic Development


Mississauga Ward 9 City Councillor Pat Saito

Pat Saito   905-896-5900

300 City Centre Drive
Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3C1


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