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Storm Water Charge is Coming To Mississauga

02/15/2016, 8:15pm EST
By Kevin J. Johnston

We Are Going To Take More of Your Money

If you own property in Mississauga, a new Stormwater charge will appear on your Region of Peel water bill beginning in 2016. The charge is a dedicated source of funding to keep the City’s Stormwater system in good working order and to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Currently, Stormwater is funded through the property tax and as a result, residential properties are paying a higher percentage (69 per cent) for Stormwater than non-residential properties (31 per cent). This is because property taxes are based on land value.

Nando Iannicca Ward 7 - Mississauga City Council - Ward 7 - Mississauga News and Mississauga Gazette - Mayor Bonnie Crombie

Under the new Stormwater Charge, residential properties will pay less (40 per cent) for Stormwater and non-residential properties will pay a higher percentage (60 per cent). This is because the Stormwater charge is based on the amount of hard surface on a property.

For multi-residential and non-residential properties the hard surface area is individually measured and charged. For residential properties, the rooftop area is used as an indicator of hard surface area and properties are assigned to the most appropriate of the five residential Stormwater charge tiers.

The relative amount of tax (land value) and Stormwater charge (hard surface area) is unique to every property. The total annual Stormwater charge for your property will be divided into a daily charge. Each time you receive your water bill, it will show the Stormwater charge for the number of days that have passed since your last bill.

The Region of Peel will send out bills on the same schedule they do today. I encourage you to use the City’s estimator tool, available on the website, to look up the Stormwater assessment for your address, including the calculation of your estimated 2016 charge and estimated daily charge.

Stormwater Charge Credit Program The City is offering a Stormwater credit program to non-residential and multi-residential property owners. Credits will be provided to non-residential and multi-residential properties that can demonstrate their Stormwater management practices and measures meet certain criteria through the application process.

Supporting documents certified by a qualified professional engineer will be required as part of the application process and additional information may be requested upon review of the application. The City may conduct site inspections as part of the application process and throughout the duration of a credit to review eligible stormwater management practices which have received credits are working and meeting the terms of the program. For more information and to ask questions about the Stormwater Charge, please visit or call 3-1-1 or 905-615-4311 if outside Mississauga.

Nando Iannicca Ward 7 - Mississauga City Council - Ward 7 - Mississauga News and Mississauga Gazette - Mayor Bonnie Crombie - Trillium Hospital is in Ward 7. by Khaled Iwamura. Mississauga Gazette by Kevin J. Johnston
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