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Meadowvale Islamic Centre and Muslims in Mississauga and Meadowvale Mosque and Rise Canada and Muslims in Ontario


04/16/2016, 7:15pm EDT
By Ron Banerjee

Thank You Quebec



Dr Bikram Lamba, Mississauga: Author, scholar, expert on fundamentalism and terror Contact

Andre Drouin, Herouxville- Quebec: Director, RISE Canada, Contact

Ron Banerjee, Toronto: Director, Canadian Hindu Advocacy, Contact

Madi Lussier, Montreal: Spokesperson, CIReport, Contact

Dan Murray, Spokesperson, Immigration Watch Canada, Contact

Brad Salzberg, Vancouver: President, Cultural Action Party of Canada, Contact

Valerie Price, Montreal: Director, ACT! For Canada, Contact

Rémi Tremblay, Spokesperson,  Fédération des québécois de souche, Contact


We Need To Discuss Root Causes and Solutions

Having closely investigated the recent incident in Quebec City, our organizations and subject matter experts would like to communicate with the relevant authorities about root causes and proposed solutions.

The unfortunate incident in Quebec City is a direct result of the widespread and systematic failure of many Sikh groups and leaders to adopt or support Canadian values. The Sikh community has permitted many fundamentalists to hijack their voice in Canada.

The following examples illustrate the shortcomings:

  1. Various Sikh organizations applied extraordinary pressure to force Quebec’s Soccer Federation to allow players to wear turbans. Similarly, Sikh groups demanded that institutions such as the Parliament of Canada and the Quebec National Assembly permit the wearing of sharp knives known as kirpans. These demands came despite the fact that India’s Parliament does not allow kirpans to be worn and many soccer leagues in India’s Punjab state do not allow turbans to be worn by players and coaches.


  1. Hundreds of Sikhs protested in various Canadian cities against the arrest in India of a convicted Sikh Khalistani terrorist killer named Rajoana. Canadians routinely see fundamentalist Khalistani Sikhs, backed by some community leaders, snarl roads in the center of major cities to support genocidal terrorist causes in foreign countries.


  1. The worst terrorist massacre in Canadian history occurred when suspected Khalistani Sikh terrorists blew up Air India 182, slaughtering over 330 mostly Hindu men, women, and children. This slaughter occurred at the same time that many fundamentalist Sikh leaders called for genocide against Hindus and spread false accounts of abuse in India.

In a broader context, this incident, however reprehensible, speaks to the mounting anxiety of patriotic Canadians over the massive influx of immigrants with incompatible values into this country as well as frustration with Ottawa’s seeming indifference to the enormous social and economic costs occasioned by it.

The leaders and groups signing this joint statement are available for interviews and assistance in designing solutions to prevent communities from supporting causes and beliefs which contradict Canadian values and principles.

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