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Meadowvale Islamic Centre and Muslims in Mississauga and Meadowvale Mosque and Rise Canada and Muslims in Ontario

Monday 3pm Bloor & Palmerston : Street Team passes out flyers re: AUSMA MALIK

10/27/2014, 5:45pm EDT
By Ron Banerjee

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LOCATION Corner of Bloor and Palmerston (just 2 blocks west of Bathurst Street)

On Monday, Toronto voted in municipal elections and elected TDSB trustee (Trinity-Spadina), AUSMA MALIK. She has participated in fundraising events for the infamous "Toronto 18" charged Islamic terrorists. She has also participated in events where flags of banned Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah have been openly displayed. Below are short videos of our Street Team passing out flyers about Ausma Malik, and another about our team handing flyers re Islamic terrorism on Saturday in downtown Toronto. AT the bottom are is the flyer passed out re AUSMA MALIK.

Meadowvale Islamic Centre - Muslims in Canada, Islamoic terrorsts in Mississauga

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