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Citizens celebrating International DRAW MUHAMMAD DAY

05/14/2014, 1:00pm EDT
By Ron Banerjee

Come Out And See A Great Event

A group of concerned Canadian citizens hosted Draw Muhammad Day. It was held at Bay/ Dundas and Yonge/Dundas. Unfortunately, the police interfered with the citizens and their rights to free expression. Below are some video footage of the event:

What are Canadian Values? For one we believe in the passionate faith that true open discussion, even for its own sake, will never be intimidated into silence. Furthermore those attempting to silence others will be looked upon as traitors. I use the word traitor deliberately. Many Canadians gave their lives to ward off fascism

Draw Muhammad Day is in direct opposition of those that would intimidate others into silence. It is also meant to address the issue of certain groups of individuals who have misconstrued the concept of public space & its ownership.

This event is in direct support for those people, artists, and journalists whose lives have been extinguished for broaching a topic. It is also in support for those people currently living under death threat for broaching said topic.

Persons of the Islamic ideology have marched & openly called for death to the filmmakers. Muslims went on a rampage for Danish Cartoons.

At some point we begin to make a definitive statement. The public space cannot & must not be compromised.

TIME: Saturday - Tuesday 1.30pm - 3.00 pm

Tag(s): Rise Canada