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John Kovac, Mississauga Ward 4 Councillor and Mississauga News and Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie

John Kovac Asks, Do You Want To Start a Neighbourhood Watch!

03/23/2016, 11:15pm EDT
By John Kovac

Interested in making your neighbourhood a safer, friendlier place?

Neighbourhood Watch? What is it?

Do you know the names of the people who live beside you? What about in front of you, or behind you? Would you be able to spot a stranger in your community? Do you know what to do and who to call in the event of an emergency?

John Kovac - Mississauga City Council - Ward 4 - Mississauga News and Mississauga Gazette - Mayor Bonnie Crombie

If you answered ‘no’ to these questions, then Safe City Mississauga’s Neighbourhood Watch Program is a fantastic way to increase community safety and cooperation by inspiring residents to look out for their neighbours, and their neighbours’ property. This program is offered at no-cost to residents of Mississauga.

How effective is it?

Nearly all studies show that Neighbourhood Watch areas are associated with lower levels of crime, and research indicates that implementing a Neighbourhood Watch can reduce neighbourhood crimes by up to 26 per cent (Bennett, Holloway, & Farrington, 2008).

In 2015, Safe City Mississauga contracted Social Impact Squared to conduct a social impact study on the program. It was determined that our Neighbourhood Watch streets decreased their property crime by 36 per cent within their first year in comparison to streets with no watches.

More than that, Neighbourhood Watch inspires residents to take back their neighbourhood from crime; and while the program has been shown to reduce criminal activity, one of the greatest benefits is that it brings people closer together, forming a stronger community.

Contact Safe City Mississauga to start a Neighbourhood Watch: 905-615-4155 ext. 4479

Safe City Mississauga’s Cyber Ambassadors project has launched its brand new website:

Designed as an interactive resource-based social community, the new website provides Mississauga youth with a safe place to go on the web where they can escape from online bullying and harassment, and engage with a community where positivity is spread. Youth can also blog, and seek advice in our Q & A section.

John Kovac - Mississauga City Council - Ward 4 - Mississauga News and Mississauga Gazette - Mayor Bonnie Crombie
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Mississauga Ward 4 City Councillor John Kovac

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