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03/07/2016, 12:45pm EST
By Karen Ras

Be Safe in Mississauga

With the nice weather around the corner, it is helpful to remind ourselves and our children about pedestrian and cycling safety. Peel Police provided the following safety tips, which I thought would be good to share:

Karen Ras - Mississauga City Council - Ward 2 - Mississauga News and Mississauga Gazette - Mayor Bonnie Crombie


  • Obey the rules of the road including all traffic signs and signals;
  • Avoid any handheld electronic devices while driving;
  • Avoid other distractions and give driving your full attention;
  • Double check blind spots before changing lanes;
  • Drive within the posted speed limits and adjust accordingly to the weather and traffic conditions;
  • Apply extra care when entering and changing directions at an intersection.
  • Pay extra attention to pedestrians;
  • Keep your vehicle in good condition, with proper tires inflated at the correct pressure.  Make sure your brakes are in good working order and ensure your windshield is clean and free from obstructions.


  • Pedestrian safety is in your hands.  Be alert at all times to your surroundings;
  • Don’t rely solely on traffic signals or stop signs.  Ensure that it is safe to cross the road before crossing;
  • Walk on sidewalks whenever possible;
  • Whenever possible use a crosswalk to cross the street.  Avoid “jaywalking” or crossing the street between vehicles;
  • Parents – ensure that you are aware of your children’s location and activity at all times.  Do not allow young children to play near roadways, unsupervised;
  • After dark, drivers cannot see people in dark clothing until it’s too late. Wear bright clothing, something reflective or carry a lit flash light so drivers will see you.


  • Obey the rules of the road including all traffic signs and signals;
  • Make your presence known. Wear bright or reflective colour clothing. At night or in inclement weather, it is important to use reflective lights in the front, side and rear that make you visible from all directions;
  • Do not run stop signs or red lights or use the wrong side of the street. It is best and safest to ride single file;
  • Make eye contact with drivers whenever possible. This ensures that the motorists see you and helps you assert your rightful place on the road;
  • Make sure you are always aware of your surroundings. Know what is behind you and watch out for what is in front of you;
  • Clearly communicate your intentions by using hand signals;
  • Make sure your brakes are always in top-notch condition. Be aware of how weather and road conditions can affect your ability to brake.

Peel Regional Police are urging both drivers and pedestrians to be extra vigilant. Keep in mind that just because you have the right of way doesn’t mean it is safe to utilize it.  Officers from Road Safety Services want both drivers and pedestrians to have a safe enjoyable year.

Karen Ras - Mississauga City Council - Ward 2 - Mississauga News and Mississauga Gazette - Mayor Bonnie Crombie
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