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Clarkson Hockey Association / Lorne Park Hockey Association Merge News


12/07/2015, 5:30pm EST
By Kevin J. Johnston

The Program Is Here Now!

Program Basics
The Clarkson Hockey Association focuses on Player Development, and what better place to start then with the Tyke Program! The Tyke Program runs from late-September through to the end of March. In early September there are 2 evaluation sessions; in order to begin players at the appropriate skill level. In the week between the evaluation sessions and the start of the season, a parent's meeting is held at Clarkson Community Centre in order to introduce your child's new coaches, distribute information, talk about the program and answer any other questions parents may have.
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Clarkson runs the Hockey Canada Initiation Program, which develops specific hockey-related skills during practices. The whole Tyke program is all about fun and learning, and the coaches all work to ensure this is the main goal at all times. Clarkson Tyke contains six teams of boys and girls aged 4, 5 and 6.
Each of our 6 teams consists of 3 lines - a Red line, a White line and a Blue line. The Red line are the more developed players, through to White and then Blue.
Every effort is made to ensure that each child plays with and against players of his or her own skill level. Children can move up or down between colours as the year progresses, depending on his or her own development. This ensures that each child is consistently at the appropriate skill level and is both challenged and comfortable with the level of play that they receive. 
It is not a pre-requisite that players have a background in skating, but some experience on the ice is usually beneficial even if the player has only attended a few public skates or a Parent/Tot session with the City.
Where to Register and Registration Cost
See registration page for current year cost. The cost of registration includes all expenses related to ice time for both practices and games, plus each player will receive a team jersey and socks, a team and individual photograph, the year-end banquet and a personalized trophy. In addition, gate fees are included in registration, so you can bring as many of your family and friends to the game as often as you like, without any additional fees! 
If you have any further questions please contact:

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