Migration / Integration and Database Migration FAQ's

In most cases, SQLWays uses a System DSN (ODBC) to connect to your databases. In some specific instances native OEM tools are used to.

How does SQLWays connect to my source and target databases?however this is the exception, not the norm.connect,

Does SQLWays migrate Dynamic SQL?
Generally, the answer is Yes – SQLWays ability to migrate Dynamic SQL is typically driven by how granular the logic is that generates the Dynamic SQL.

Does SQLWays migrate foreign keys?
Yes – All keys, foreign and otherwise are migrated by the SQLWays tool

How is SQLWays licensed?
SQLWays is typically licensed on a per project basis. Once we have determined the scope of your migration project we will provide a license of SQLWays specific to your requirements, thus providing you with only the technology you need. This enables us to provide highly competitive pricing and unprecedented value to our customers.

Can SQLWays migrate my server side business logic?
Yes – SQLWays migrates Views, Triggers, Stored Procedures and Functions

When running the SQLWays wizard only the table structure is created without any data being exported.
Make sure you have the Export Data Option selected – Please refer to the following article;

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