Application Migration

Are you struggling with your application migration? Do you need to update and modernize your existing software applications?

Application migration generally results from one of the following reasons:

New Database Technology – the underlying database is being migrated into a new SQL Database Server Technology, thus the syntax of any explicit calls within the database that execute directly against the SQL Database (Embedded SQL) will need to be updated to the syntax of the new specifics of the new SQL Database Server.

Modernization – you wish to update your existing applications and user experience to be more relevant in today’s rapidly changing technological landscape.   The driving force behind your needs vary.  Some of the primary reasons include:

Textual User Interface -> GUI – you have applications developed in legacy application languages (Powerbuilder, COBOL, etc)  that you wish to migrate into a 21st century computing environment (.NET, ASP, Java, etc)
Fat -> Thin Client – applications were developed to run under the Operating System running on the workstation (Windows Forms, etc) and you require them to run within a browser environment.

Labor Considerations – you are depended on the dwindling labor market of developers with the specific expertise in your application development environment.  By migrating the application into a more mainstream application language you are able to retain/retrain qualified developer resources for the ongoing maintenance and update of your critical information systems.

SQLWays provides you with the tools required to migrate your application codebase in support of any of the above requirements.

InfoOptics offers services and support for application migration.  We offer two migration paths for our application migration customers.  For those who wish to do use the SQLWays tool internally we provide licensing of the SQLWays tool along with expert support.  Our support offering includes the customization and refinement of the SQLWays tool in support of your specific requirements.

We also provide end to end migration of your entire application environment.   In this scenario you would typically release the codebase to us (along with a test database) and our migration experts will completely migrate your application and test the resultant codebase for proper functionality.  End to End Services always include a guarantee period during which we will address and correct any issues within the migrated codebase

SQLWays support the migration between the following application languages:


  • C#

  • PowerBuilder

  • VB


  • PL/SQL

  • Java

  • PHP

  • Perl


Please feel free to reach out to us with your migration requirements and find out how we can save you both time and money while at the same time improving the accuracy of your application migration.