Database Migration

Are you unsure how to handle your database migration? Do you need to migrate data between different SQL Database Server technologies?

There are a variety of reasons causing you to need to migrate your existing information and business logic into a new SQL Database Server technology.  The need for database migration may be due to a variety of reasons including:

Info Optics and Database management SQL Servers and Oracle

Expense – hardware and corresponding software licensing agreements become cost prohibitive.  Hosting the database on a less expensive hardware platform running an inexpensive SQL Server becomes fiscally attractive.

Legacy/Compliance – an application which has been decommissioned, however, the information within the database is still needed for legacy reporting purposes and compliance requirements.  Many times these systems are hosted on expensive, antiquated systems that consume substantial monies and labor to maintain.  Re-hosting the information on an inexpensive hardware and SQL Server platform makes a great deal of sense in these instances.

Modernization – wish to update your database to a newer, more robust SQL Server environment.  This is generally done in conjunction with the modernization of the entire application and user experience.

SQLWays provides you with an efficient and robust toolset for the migration of the entire schema, data and business logic within your existing SQL Server into nearly any SQL Database technology you wish to migrate into.  Cost effective and accurate, the SQLWays tool is always delivered with expert support to make sure your project is completed according to your budget and timelines.

We offer two database migration paths to migrate between SQL Server technologies.  We can either provide licensing of the SQLWays Data Migration Toolset in support of your internal migration initiative OR deliver complete end to end database migration services.  This includes the ability to migrate schema, data, indexes, views, triggers, stored procedures and functions between database server technologies.

Supported Server Technologies include Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access,  PostGresSQL, DB2, Informix, Sybase, InterBase, Progress, Teradata, Netezza, NonStop, Neoview, SchoonerSQL, EnterpriseDB, Greenplum,  Firebird, Lotus Notes, HiRDB, Vertica, and Pervasive PSQL.  SQLWays can be easily adapted to your requirements in the event that the server technology you are using is not listed here.

  • Oracle Migration
  • MySQL Migration
  • Microsoft SQL Server Migration
  • PostGresSQL Migration
  • DB2 Migration
  • Informix Migration
  • Sybase Migration
  • Progress Migration
  • Teradata Migration
  • Netezza Migration
  • InterBase Migration
  • NonStop Migration
  • Neoview Migration
  • SchoonerSQL Migration
  • EnterpriseDB Migration
  • Greenplum Migration
  • Firebird Migration
  • Lotus Notes Migration
  • HiRDB Migration
  • Vertica Migration
  • Pervasive PSQL Migration
  • Microsoft Access Migration

If your database migration involves the conversion of a large amount of data and considerable number of stored procedures, triggers, views and other database objects, Infooptics’ services are just what you need.

Please feel free to reach out to us with your migration requirements and find out how we can save you both time and money while at the same time improving the accuracy of your database migration.

Info Optics and Database management SQL Servers and Oracle