Our Services

We also offer end to end project services in each of our areas of expertise.


  • Installation and Deployment of UDT in support of your CRM integration initiative
  • Completely migrate your schema, data, indexes, views, triggers, stored procedures and functions between SQL Server environments
  • Update all Embedded SQL Statements within your application layer so as to enable it to execute correctly against a new SQL Server environment
  • Conversion of your application layer between programming languages/technologies

All end to end migration services also include a thorough testing phase and a warranty period.

Please be sure to reach out to us with your project scope to find out how we can help!

On-going Support

infoOptics provides on-going support for deployments of our products. This is available in on a per incident basis starting at $249 (for the first 90 of minutes of the support incident, additional hours at $125 per hour) or on an annual fixed price agreement.

During the term of an annual support agreement we will provide phone, email and when applicable, remote control technical support for the deployed product covered by the support agreement.

During the term of a support agreement we will at no additional charge to:

  • Answer general questions about product functionality and features for one (1) individual per support agreement.

  • Troubleshoot failures in the covered product due to modification to the source operating system including installation of maintenance patches and password changes.

  • Assist with the relocation of the covered product to a new host computer (SYNCMaster, Campaign and UDT) only.

  • Troubleshoot and resolve failures in any existing scheduled task associated with the covered product.

As part of a support agreement we generally will NOT:

  • Maintain or modify the contents of an SNC, TDF or CPN file.

  • Deploy a covered product or a new SNC, TDF or CPN file.

  • Setup new scheduled tasks

  • Maintain or modify existing scheduled tasks

Should you require us to perform any of the items listed directly above, additional service/consulting charges will apply.

We also provide a 30% discount on services related to a deployed infoOptics product if that product is covered by a support agreement.