Five pin bowling was invented by Thomas F. Ryan in Toronto at his Toronto Elite Club after a number of customers complained that the tenpin game was too strenuous with the heavy balls.  Thomas cut five ten-pins down to 75% of their size and experimented by using hand sized hard rubber balls, and thus five-pin bowling was born!

Five-pin bowling is played only in Canada as it is a Canadian invention and extremely popular with families and children because everybody gets three balls per frame as opposed to just two.  The smaller balls make it incredibly easy for even the youngest child to enjoy the game.  Streetsville Bowl offers bumpers which prevent the ball from going into the gutter making the game even more fun for the young ones.

In five-pin bowling, the pins have different point values.  The head pin is worth five points, the pins to the immediate left and right of the head pin are worth three points and the corner pins on the worth two points each.  Just like in ten-pin bowling, the strike happens when you knock down all the pins on the first ball, a spare happens when you knock down all the pins on the second ball and if you knock down all the pins on the third ball it is simply 15 points.

At Streetsville Bowl you don’t have to worry about adding up the scores because everything is computer controlled.  Did we mention that all shoe rentals are free?

Did you know that a perfect game in ten-pin bowling is 300 points, but a perfect game in five-pin bowling is 450 points?  How do you bowl a perfect game in 5-pin?  Well, it’s easy just bull 12 strikes in a row!

The History of 5 Pin Bowling - Georgetown Bowl - Bowling In Georgetown with Georgetown Bowl - Kevin Jackal Johnston