Is there only one Georgetown Bowl?

Yes, there is only one Georgetown Bowl which is located at 12 Mountainview Road South, Georgetown, Ontario, South of Guelph Street on the West Side. Call Us at 905-877-9922

Does Georgetown Bowl charge per game or per time?

Georgetown Bowl charges on a time basis. Prices are on a per hour per lane basis.

Do I have to wear bowling shoes while bowling?

Yes, bowling shoes are always mandatory when bowling on our lanes, and like the above sentence, SHOE RENTALS ARE JUST $1

Do I need to book lanes to bowl?

No, walk-ins are always welcome. However, it is best to book lanes especially if planning on having a large group for bowling. A minimum of 2 lanes is required for bookings. Birthday parties, fundraisers or corporate events are required to have reservations. Call Us at 905-877-9922 to book your lanes.

How old do I have to be to bowl?

There are no age limits for bowling. Junior leagues for kids start at age 3. We are a 5-Pin Bowling Alley and all balls are light. We have bumpers and ramps to accommodate even the youngest (and oldest) of kids.

How many bowlers per lane?

The maximum number of bowlers per lane is 6. Minimum is one.

How many lanes do you have?

Georgetown Bowl has 20 lanes of computerized scoring.

How do I join a bowling league?

Joining a Georgetown Bowl league is very simple. Just sign-up through the front desk with your name, address and phone number, pick the league that you want to join and we’ll set everything up for you. It’s that easy.

When can I join leagues?

Georgetown Bowl Fall/Winter Leagues start on the first week of September and run until the end of April. Shorter mid-season leagues start on January and go until April. Summer leagues start in May and end in August. You can sign-up for any league at anytime beforehand.

How long does it take to bowl 1 game?

It takes approximately 15-20 minutes for one person to bowl one game with 4 or fewer players.

How long do groups usually book for?

Most groups start off with at least one hour of bowling. A team of six players per lane can bowl one game in one hour.

Can you eat or drink while bowling?

Of course you can eat and drink while bowling! We just ask that all food and drinks are kept on the carpeted side behind the lanes. No food or drinks are allowed in the actual bowler’s area and lane approaches.

Does Georgetown Bowl allow for private parties and reservations?

Yes, Georgetown Bowl puts on all sorts of private parties whether it is for corporate events, charity functions or just simple gatherings. We have a licensed lounge, and a party room that can be rented for such events. The entire bowling centre can also be rented as well. Contact Jonathan or Andy @ 905-877.9922 to book your spot or ask all of your questions.


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Georgetown, Ontario, South of Guelph Street on the West Side. Call Us at 905-877-9922

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