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Kate O'Neil Ministry

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    The Will of God

    03/28/2017, 11:15am EDT
    By Kate O'Neil

    Our Mighty God IS moving in David M Wilkerson 's front line ministry of reaching children and the lost, where in this country with lack of social services, ministry seems an overwhelming and insurmountable task!
    But GOD IS MOVING at HOPE House!!
    Put Your money where God IS moving!

    Kate O'Neil.

    The Sad Reality of our World

    03/24/2017, 1:00pm EDT
    By Kate O'Neil

    Sadly TRUE

    "The world is a very deceptive place. Often things are not what they appear. It matters not what country you are in, if you work against corruption, you become a target of somebody. If you have information that can expose someone higher up, or even lower down, you can easily become a target. People in the US govt, have silenced people, it is not lily white, though we like to think it is all done for the right thing.. Well its not. Money rules my friends... and if you think any political ideology or its leaders have your best interests in mind, you are sorely misinformed..."

    -David M Wilkerson

    Story of My Life

    03/07/2017, 1:15pm EST
    By Kate O'Neil

    Here it is Folks... story of My Life because I love and serve JESUS!


    Walking in LIFE! [40]


    All mankind has been “called” by GOD to become His Bride. But, some fall short of the Kingdom of GOD’S Divine Nature; within their calling. However, the “chosen” by GOD, have entered GOD’S Kingdom of Divine Nature, that has been established here on planet earth, just as it is in Heaven. Those who are a part of GOD’S Kingdom of Divine Nature, and “daily” experiencing your, New Birth, Born Again, New creature, New heart, New Spirit, Renewed mind, and becoming an alien, or dare I say “alienated from evil”, because, you are “Holy” and “perfect” before GOD?

    IF, you Keep His Commandments of the Father’s will; you will be “chosen”. IF NOT, THEN, you have “missed” the High Calling of GOD! To be the Bride of the Lamb, which is JESUS, the Christ/Messiah, you must let your “Light Shining Bright”, constantly full of “Oil”. Remember the Parable of the 10 Virgins [see Matthew 25: 1 through 13]? 5 had Oil, and 5 ran out of Oil. You are part of the 5 that had enough Oil, I Hope. The Lamb, wants to “Romance you”; by Giving you “LOVE Letters”, Long Walks, and Gifts, every Day in His Kingdom of Divine Nature.

    GOD, has left you here on planet earth, so He could have a “Voice”, through YOU, to Preach the Gospel of Peace; and “Voice” the Testimony of JESUS, to those who have a “desire” to Know the True GOD, who created All Things, both great and small, good and evil.

    Because evil is your “test” to “overcome yourself”, the old Adam-man, and the serpent seed. Jesus did it [see Matthew, Mark, Luke, John], Amos did it [see Amos], and Paul did it [see Acts Chapter 17] [see the Epistles of Romans, Ephesians, and all the Epistles he wrote], John did it [see the Epistle of 1st 2nd, 3rd John], and you can too.

    The choice is yours; Choose Wisely!

    Holy Bible. Prayer. Christianity. Jesus. Cross.

    Plea of the Holy

    02/28/2017, 11:30am EST
    By Kate O'Neil

    Father please guard Our hearts and minds. This IS war but as in every battle We need YOU JESUS and YOUR Covering!! Thank You Father for YOUR extravagant LOVE (agape). Thank YOU HOLY SPIRIT for YOUR Leading and Power and thank YOU JESUS for YOUR BLOOD and Our new hearts that can only come from YOU so that Our minds can be renewed and then, and only then, can We know Our True Identities and Our Purpose in Life and how to get back HOME. 

    Shari Law in Canada. The Dangers of Islam.

    Sharia Law

    01/28/2017, 11:30am EST
    By Kate O'Neil

    Why are so many SMART people missing this?!!

    People of all faiths; Muslim, Baha'i, Sikh, Atheists... READ UP ON SHARIA LAW...Sharia Law
    It comes with Bill/Law m103

    Women EVERYWHERE !!!!!!!!!! Read it. Share publicly

    Baby Blindness. Child Miracles. Work of God.

    The Miracle of Life

    12/28/2016, 11:45am EST
    By Kate O'Neil

    Thank YOU JESUS. Jesus continue to bless you Christian and Christian's mommy and daddy. Amen!