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Graig Abel Photography Toronto Maple Leafs Photographer

Graig Abel

Graig Abel

Toronto Maple Leafs Official Photographer

Graig Abel

Graig has been the Official Team Photographer of the Toronto Maple Leafs since 1977. He has been featured in the Toronto Star, Mississauga News, Chill Magazine, Leafs Insider Magazine as well as LeafsTv to showcase his lifelong commitment to sports photography and his passion for the game of hockey. His long list of accomplishments also showcases his diversity in the sports photography field.

Not only does Graig have over 35 years of NHL games under his belt his resume doesn’t stop at just NHL hockey. CFL Football, PGA and LPGA Golf, Basketball, Gymnastics, Soccer, and Tennis, all at the Professional or World Class level. 

As official photographer of Maple Leaf Gardens he also photographed historic concerts such as Queen, Van Halen, The Who, and ZZ Top. His photographs have graced the pages of The Hockey News, Sports Illustrated, MacLean's, Inside Lacrosse, The Toronto Sun, The National Post, The Globe & Mail and Toronto Star.

Dennis Miles

Dennis has Bachelor's degree in technology and is a 36 year veteran teaching photography at Ryerson University. He also has a staggering 45 years, and over 2000 NHL games under his belt. His NLL experience includes 4 NLL Championships and the 2006 All-Star game in Toronto.

His editorial work includes images published in The Toronto Telegram, The Toronto Sun and The Toronto Star. He was also Staff photographer for both the Telegram and Toronto Sun.

Paperback projects include “Hockey in the Seventies”, “A Day In The Life Of The Maple Leafs”, “Maple Leaf Legends – 75 Years of the Toronto Maple leafs”, “Silverware”, “Montreal Canadiens Legends”, “Firewagon Hockey” and the most recent “A Canadian Saturday Night: Hockey and the Culture of a Country".

Dave Abel

Dave is a National Newspaper Award Winner for News Photography, is a Graduate of Loyalist College Photojournalism and is a staff photographer at the Toronto Sun.

Following in his fathers footsteps, Dave has been shooting the Toronto Maple Leafs since 1995 and has currently shot over 500 NHL hockey games, including the Stanley Cups Finals for Sun Media/QMI. 

Dave has shot sports on virtually every professional stage. From Professional Golf, Tennis, Football, Soccer and Basketball to world events such as FIFA World Championship. 

His skills are constantly developing to push the boundaries of conventional photography and including multimedia and video to his expertise.

Brad White

Brad is in his 11th season as Official Photographer of the Toronto Maple Leafs. He also holds an almost perfect record of photographing every Toronto Rock game in history since 1999 including 6 NLL Champions Cup games.

His list of accomplishments also include elite championship events ranging from The Grand Prix of Toronto, Rogers Cup Tennis, 6 RCGA Tournaments including both the Men's and Women's Open Championships.

Brad is also the second staff member to attend Loyalist College which provides Graig Abel Photography a well rounded group of exceptional photographers.

His work has appeared all over the world, in both sports and news media such as Eishockey World, Glow Magazine, Inside Lacrosse as well as local media Toronto Sun, National Post and the Toronto Star.

Graig Abel is the Official Photographer of The Toronto Maple Leafs

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