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Alphabet Philosophy The Colouring And Activity Book

Dear parents,
I am so proud to introduce you to my first book, “Alphabet Philosophy: A Colouring and Activity Book.” I wrote this book to help your children as they grow intellectually. 
As the title of this book is “Alphabet Philosophy,” each letter of the alphabet spells a word imbued with philosophy to inspire your child or children to develop good character during their early growth stage. For their entertainment as they learn, I also provide writing practice and a full page of colouring for each letter of the alphabet. In addition, there are two pledges and two pages of word searches.
These features distinguish this book from other colouring and activities books.

Giving Back

Mississauga Publishing Company
In  mid-January 2009, Reinhard  Zeller MD, ScD, FRCSC and his team at SickKids Hospital in Toronto successfully operated on my twin daughters, diagnosed with life-threatening scoliosis, and fixed their curved spines. I sincerely thank Dr. Reinhard’s team and SickKids Hospital management, who so patiently took care of my kids. Now, they are perfectly physically and mentally healthy.  Both of them are attending university and intend to enter the health field.
As a parent, I have considered how to give my thanks to the SickKids Hospital, who help sick children every day. I would like to donate the proceeds from my book. Actually, buying my book is your donation to the SickKids Hospital. I am only an instrument of your generously. Thank you very much for your help.

About Me

Mississauga Publishing Company
I do believe that reading is the main key to opening our minds and achieving our goals. A simple example is buying a toy for our kid(s). Before we buy it, we must read information about the product just to make sure it’s appropriate. Reading provides us with knowledge and exercises our brain and mind to build our character.
I applied this concept to my life and to my kids. I have three children. When they were just babies, I read books to all of them, showed them the pictures, and explained the content to them. When they started junior kindergarten, I always brought them to the library to read and borrow books for the whole week. At home, I taught them how to read the alphabet, words, and simple sentences. By repeating these activities, they were able to read books quickly.   
By the way, I have a formal background as a journalist back home in Indonesia, where I obtained a degree in journalism.  Writing is my passion because through words I can share my views with others.
Mississauga Publishing Company

How to Order the Book:

To order this book, please visit my website or you can send me an email at Please provide your name and address, so I can mail or deliver you the book. The price is CAN $8.95, with free delivery in the GTA.
The Giving Back Project is not affiliated with SickKids Hospital or SickKids Foundation at all. There is no contract between SickKids and me. This is entirely my personal initiative to give back.