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7 Dragons Martial Arts

7 Dragons Martial Arts - Mississauga

See The Master of Ontario In Action

7 Dragons Martial Arts in Mississauga is owned and operated by Sensei Henry Chapman who has dedicated his life from the age of 5 to Martial Arts and Self Discipline.

Sensei Henry's love of children has lead him to become a nationally renowned instructor of self defense and sumo wrestling to young people, but has won numerous awards in the instruction of adults.

Law enforcement continually comes to 7 Dragons Martial Arts to keep themselves one step ahead of the curve, and you too can learn law enforcement martial arts.

Call 7 Dragons Martial Arts today to improve your fitness levels, health, balance and abilities at 416-800-3356

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Henry Chapman

Henry Chapman


Phone: 289.997.6545


7 Dragons Martial Arts is sponsoring THE MISSISSAUGA TOMAHAWKS Lacrosse League this year. ALL kids who sign up for Lacrosse in Mississauga for the 2015 season will be given a 6-MONTH KARATE MEMBERSHIP right here at 7 Dragons Martial Arts!

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Welcome to 7 Dragons MA - Mississauga Dojo

"Sensei Chapman’s teaching style and “hands-on” approach is extremely conducive to learning a complex, mentally taxing and physically demanding art, which focuses on attention to countless subtle details. He inspires within his students, a sense of fulfillment and confidence as we train and study in his dojo." - Kunal, Green Belt


Henry N. Chapman III is a Master Coach in the ancient Samurai Art of Sumo. With 40 years of Martial Arts experience, his encouraging instruction method and warm personality had lead him to serve many students to new levels of understanding fitness & awareness.

His teachings, a combination of ancient philosophies and modern, effective martial arts techniques. Master Chapman is an effortless teacher and life long student of the Martial Arts; holding Black belts in both Isshin-ryu Karate and Combat Jiu-Jitsu, while continuing to study, research and refine his knowledge Jeet Kune Do, Tai Chi, Silat, Kali, Bokator, Lima Lama, Ryukyu Kempo, Chin Na, and Gung Fu. Embodying the self discipline and honour of a Sumo Master, Master Chapman is an open minded student and Martial Arts instructor of the highest caliber.

Sensei Henry Draws from many sources:


  • Isshin-ryu (4th Dan black belt)
  • Jiu Jitsu (3rd Dan black belt)
  • Jeet Kun Do, Sumo, Kali, Silat, Tai Chi
  • Anti-bullying, Self Defense
7 Dragons Martial Arts Is A Mississauga Karate Studio and a Self Defense Program

7 Dragons Martial Arts


Mississauga Martial Arts Centre - 7 Dragons Martial Arts

In today's world, sadly, there is no shortage of gender related violence and abuse. Compare that to the apparent lack of possible solutions it is a dire picture. This is the mission of the SAFE program, to teach self defense without giving a false sense of security. Combining education on the warning signs of violence, the advantage of a confident and positive attitude, an understanding of your rights to self-defense in the eyes of the Canadian Criminal Code, and some good old fashioned butt-kicking technique.   

The SAFE program is not just enlightening, but also empowering and most importantly A LOT OF FUN!!!

The Five Pillars of the S.A.F.E Program

Recognition and Awareness:
-Aggressive and nonthreatening vs. Dangerous and potentially violent

Self Confidence:
-The letter of the Law, what are your rights and responsibilities.

-The manifestations of fear and how to avoid falling into 'victim mentality'

Mental Acuity:
-Promote peace in a chaotic world.

Physical Fitness: 
-Simple and effective methods for increasing blood flow and flexibility, which facilitates improved mental functioning essential to excelling in the other aspects of the course


Find us in

Tula Yoga Downtown
352 Adelaide St West
Toronto, Ontario


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MARS Group Performance Training
2050 Dundas Street East
Mississauaga, ON L4X 1L9
Telephone: 905-949-MARS

7 Dragons Martial Arts Is A Mississauga Karate Studio and a Self Defense Program


Anti Bullying Training at 7 Dragons Martial Arts
Street Fighting Training In Mississauga At 7 Dragons Martial Arts
Sumo Wrestling Training In Mississauga
Police Training In Mississauga At 7 Dragons Martial Arts
7 Dragons Martial Arts Is A Mississauga Karate Studio and a Self Defense Program