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Fleetwood Mix, Saturday, November 7

11/11/2015, 1:00pm EST
By Kevin J. Johnston

Great Band - Great Food - Great Times

Fleetwood Mix
A Fleetwood Mac
Tribute Band Playing Live


Spot 1 Grill
Saturday, November 7 at 9:00PM


What people are saying about Fleetwood Mix:

‪#fleetwoodmix‬ are amazing...‪@fleetwoodmix‬ at Legends on The Queensway were frickin amazing.
- D.R., Etobicoke, ON

‪@FleetwoodMix‬ was amazing tonight!Great tribute band with serious talent! I grew up on Fleetwood Mac, so many memories when I listen to them.
- Kate N, Legends on the Queensway - Etobicoke, ON

Saw your concert last night. What a great band! Amazing voices and talent. I could have listened to you all night!!!
- Diane O, Ocala, FL

The show tonight in Ocala was fantastic! The group sounded better than Fleetwood Mac does on record. The voices, guitars and drums were awesome. It took me back to the rock concerts I went to in the 60's and 70's. Your appeal was so phenomenal that my 20 year old son and 80+ year old father-in law equally enjoyed the show.
- Larry B, Ocala, FL

You were great in Ocala last night. Hope you come back next year. Best show i have seen in years.
- Steve D, Ocala, FL

I saw your show at Lancaster Park Outdoor Resort. Absolutely AMAZING!!! Can't wait to see your show when you come to Cornwall. Thanks for a great evening.
- Christina P, Lancaster, ON

Thank you for the wonderful show last night in Sharon. You guys were amazing and we enjoyed every song. You really are as good as the original Fleetwood Mac. Jenn and Connie have fabulous voices and you sing so well together. I loved the original band too and will watch for your future gigs and come to see you again. I hope you play Sharon again next year. Thanks again for a fabulous evening of outstanding entertainment.
- Carol W, Sharon, ON

You guys (and girls) were fantastic. We will definitely have you back next year.  Thanks again for putting on a great show!
- Joy B, Lancaster Resort owner

I saw you at Bowmanville's Rockin' Rotary Ribfest What an amazing show. I never saw Fleetwood Mac live, but this is the next best thing. I hope to see you again.
- Larry J, Bowmanville, ON

I seen u last night in Bowmanville and thought u guys where fantastic !!
- Nichole P, Bowmanville, ON

....thank you for bringing us a great night of music and fun .  Guests and Staff all loved it and want you guys back.
- Chip Y, Music Director -Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

Caught you at the Spot One in Brampton last night. What can I say! You all are THE BEST! Can't tell you how blown away we were with your performances! AMAZING! SUPERB! WONDERFUL! Please come back soon and often! ♥♥
- Tracy P, Brampton, ON

YAY!!! You guys really gave an amazing show last nite at The Waverly Beach. LOVED IT!!!
- Joann B, Menasha WI

We saw your concert in Sheboygan Falls Saturday night. Was excellent!!! You guys really put on a fantastic show.!!
- Cheryl J, Sheboygan Falls, WI

The show at The Old Mill last weekend was absolutely great . We had a good time...lots of fun. Love to see you again sometime soon.  
- Wayne V, Toronto

I saw your show down at the Old Mill this past weekend. You guys rocked!!! You all know how to put on an amazing show! Thank you!!
- Vikki N, Toronto

I was at you show Saturday past it was fantastic we go every year to celebrate our anniversary it was our 57th thanks for a wonderful time. I love you all you sound so great hope to see you again...........Love
- Josie D, Toronto

We were at the show at The Old Mill. What a great night, you guys sounded fantastic - very talented musicians all around. Look forward to seeing you again!
- Paul D, Toronto

Hey watched your show tonight at the PNE. Freakin awesome! Was wondering if you could msg me back with a setlist for tonight? I want to listen to these songs more! Thanks for your time and again, amazing show! Loved it!
- Fred J, Vancouver, BC

OMG it was a thrill of a Lifetime meeting you all. Just wish we could have hung out a bit before your return to TO.  I so badly would love to work with you in the future.  Your shows were much, much better than even some of the best artists in the Biz. Thanks for being so very kind. I just want to adopt you all & spoil you rotten.
- Richard L, Vancouver , BC

Thanks again for another excellent musical experience. It's so nice when you can get lost in a performance. You just keep getting better!
- Tom K, Pointe Claire, Quebec

…you guys rocked the Salmon Festival. Wish we could have hooked up and talked some more. You are amazing!!…One of the best cover bands I have ever seen.  Keep smiling!!  Watch out lips, look out gums, Newfie Screech here it comes.
- H Butt, Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland

I am still so thrilled of the concert I attended at the Port Washington High School in WI. I was the one in the front row with the two younger girls dancing and begging for autographs...they actually got up on stage with your band....All of YOU are such wonderful people.... Thank you for the best entertainment I've seen in MANY years!!!
- Cathy, West Bend, WI

Caught you last night in Green Bay - fantastic! Glad you were at the Weidner because it has such great acoustics. Your sound was phenomenal. Such rich voices - a real treat. Your dedication to get it "right" is really appreciated. Much more than a tribute - you guys really get into the music. Performances all very strong, you actually seem to inhabit the songs. No doubts about your commitment!
- Jim, Green Bay, WI

My husband and I had a great time at your show in Green Bay. I loved dancing in the aisle to Gypsy. :) You guys are awesome.
- Carol, Green Bay, WI

WOW!!! Enjoyed show in Green Bay last night! Great vocals; Outstanding musicians; Awesome on keyboard! All around class act! 5 stars! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Like that you had the audience sing.
- Jeannene, Green Bay, WI

Amazing Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks tribute show! Loved the concert last night in Racine. Everyone going to the Weidner Center in Green Bay is in for a real treat tonight!
- Chevonne, Racine, WI

We just saw you guys at the Weidner in Green Bay you were awesome. I am a huge Fleetwood Mac fan. You guys rocked it. Thanks for letting me re-live some wonderful years gone by :)
- Sandy, Green Bay, WI

Had an awesome time last evening at the Wiedner Center in Green Bay, WI last evening. Went with my friend and we have listened to Fleetwood Mac since high school. Your group is fantastic!!!
- Cynthia, Green Bay, WI

I just saw you guys perform at the opera house on Friday, and words cannot do justice to the quality of performers and musicians you are. Fanominal performance
- Parker P Buffalo, NY

i went to see you today at the lancaster show and i just want to say that i was blown away with your performance!! I am an avid diehard Fleetwood Mac fan and I can not explain how much I enjoyed your show! Gold Dust Woman and Gypsy are by far my favorites !! Keep up the awesome job of paying tribute to one of the best bands of all time!
- Cheryl S, Buffalo NY

AMAZING show tonight at the Lancaster opera house! Thank you for dedicating Songbird to us - you sang it wonderfully! We had a blast. It was a pleasure meeting you!
- Tom, Lancaster NY

...sent a message via facebook, found the like button! but we loved it, everyone was awesome, thanks for great memories and a great time. 
- Gary, Lancaster NY

What a great show.  Everyone in the band was right on with voices and music. A person could close their eyes and I doubt very much if they could tell the difference between Mac and Mix.
Much success to you all and please come back to Buffalo.
- Sue, Lancaster NY

Saw Fleetwood Mix last night at Spot One in Brampton....sooooo good Im goin again tonight at the Boston Manor in Burlington. Might be the best tribute I've ever seen
- Lawrie, Toronto, ON

...One of the best tribute bands I have heard at Boston Manor or anywhere else for that matter...
- Phil, Burlington, ON
Please extend our thanks to all involved - people loved the band - my partner Mike said you were outstanding - very impressed - and yes we would love to work with you all again.
- Andy, Boston Manor, Burlington ON

I enjoy working with your band ... you guys ( and girls ) are pros and great people. Thanks for doing such a great show.
- Gary, Spot One, Brampton ON

Great job at the show in Manitowoc, WI....awesome mix of all guys put smiles on our faces the entire show!
- Kim S, Manitowoc, WI

Awesome performance at the Capital Civic Center in Manitowoc,Wis. on Sat.Oct. 8th!  The crowd loved you! Hope to see you again! The voices are spot on -with every song they recreated Fleetwood Mac to make it an unforgetable night!
- Susan L, Manitowoc, WI

Attended the show last night in Manitowoc...totally awesome!!! ..... Connie...what a beautiful voice...every song sounded like the original. Will be watching your tour schedule, if you ever get back in the area, I'm there!!!!!
- Pat K, Manitowoc, WI

Dear Fleetwood Mix Members:
Saw you in Manitowoc last night; you were absolutely great. I was very impressed, having been a fan since the white album came out when I was 14. Connie (Christine) can play keyboard better with one hand than I can with two. All of you had everything down just right, great fun! Thank you for coming to our small town. I wish you all the best in your future.
- Sheryl P, Manitowoc, WI

An exact replica of Fleetwood Mac. A stunning performance last night!
- Jim E, Manitowoc, WI

Great job last night in Sharon. We really enjoyed the tight endings, beginnings and pure musicianship and vocals.
- Glenn, Sharon, ON

Thank you and Fleetwood Mix for a great concert last night. I am getting many emails with such great comments and how much people enjoyed it.  Please pass my thanks along to the band. I hope to see you again soon.  
- Sally, Town of East Gwillimbury Leisure Services and Programs Supervisor

Awesome concert at the Sharon Civic Centre tonight! A special "hello" to Connie Scriver :) - Chris S, Sharon, ON

Totally awesome show last night .. We rode from Newmarket to Sharon to see you .. and it was well worth it .. would do it again without a thought.. and at my age well riding that far is a task in it self .. but you guys are worth seeing again.. Thanks so much. - Deb C, Newmarket, ON

Just finished watching your show, and you were fabulous!  I'm a Fleetwood Mac fan, and you rocked it.  Looking forward to seeing you play again.  - Lisa G, Keswick, ON

Great can tell that all of your are gifted and have a strong skill set - from there - your music flows and flows - such a great show!
- Jaymes O, Arlington Heights, IL

Attended your concert on July 9th at the Metropolis in Arlington Heights--so fabulous and authentic !!! Loved Connie on the keyboards..... Fabulous night of songs !!! Looking forward to when you return to Illinois.
- Cynthia A, Arlington Heights, IL

Your show was one of the best that I've seen in the 11 years that I've lived in The Villages. I had always liked the songs from Rumors but wasn't really a Fleetwood Mac fan. I am now! .... I hope you guys get to come back.
- Steve R, Villages, FL

I saw you all this past Saturday at The Villages. WOW, just FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! I saw Fleetwood Mac about 30yrs ago when they were in their primary; YOU GUYS ARE BETTER!! Absolutely Perfect. Thank you for wonderful night.
- Markie D, Villages resident, FL

Outstanding show last night. We loved it and enjoyed every minute. A ton of talent up on that stage. We hope to see again real soon. Come back to the Villages! Thank you for a wonderful evening. - Kenny R, FL

Just saw you show at the Savannah Center in The Villages.  You guys were great.  Hope you make it back here… soon. 
- Bob & Lin, Lady Lake , FL

I attended your show last night in the Villages Florida. Being a musician/singer myself I don't impress easily but you guys were great. You have put together a tremendous show. Sometimes there are weak links in bands but everyone of you shines. The musicianship and vocal harmonies were impeccable. Best of luck to you. - Paul B, Lady Lake, FL

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to tell you how amazing Fleetwood Mix was.  I don't have words to explain.  They left us all spellbound - what great musicians and the voices!!!  We all had a fabulous evening.  They are such nice people as well - I hope we treated them well enough.  Thanks again 
- LS, Pointe Claire, Quebec

Seen u guys last nite in lancaster u really rocked the place.. thank you.
- George B, via Facebook

First time I saw your show was at the Lancaster Opera House. You are awsome. Really enjoyed the show.
We had front row seats.  Can't believe how you sound like the actual band. Thank's for an awsome night!!!!
- Dan H, via Facebook

I'm sure we will have you back. We have
received some really nice feedback from our patrons. They loved your performance!  It was a pleasure meeting EVERYONE in the band. You are all easy to work with and down to earth. We were sad to see you leave! I wish you all the
best. Please tell everyone I said hello. Please stay in touch!
- David F.
Administrative Director
Lancaster Opera House

Fleetwood Mix consists of a genuine and talented group of truly professional performers. The moment they took the stage, the crowd started cheering, dancing, and signing along—and it carried on all night long! If you want a real crowd pleaser, and a recreation of Fleetwood Mac so stunning it’s hard to tell the difference, go with FM! It’s a real class act.
— Nic Havey Johnson, Marketing/PR Coordinator, Hollywood Slots Hotel & Raceway, Bangor Maine

Wow, that is my reaction after just seeing you all the Hollywood Slots Hotel in Bangor Maine.  I work for Treasures Hunters Roadshow, and we were up here doing a show all week, saw that you were playing here so I decided to stay back an extra day to hear you.  I have to say I am so glad that I did, if I were to have closed my eyes, I would have thought I was hearing the original Fleetwood.  I stood off to your right in my Victory Motorcycle t-shirt, and I slipped back to many memories as I listen.  Thank you for giving your all tonight, it was very enjoyable. 
Rich G - Bangor Maine

When will you be returning to hollywood slots we have seen you 3 times there and look forward to many more :)
- Rod M, ME (via Facebook)

I just recently attended the Branford Festival of 2010, on Saturday, June 19, and saw your performance. You guys were absolutely amazing, you took my breath away. I have always been a big fan of Fleetwood Mac, and Stevie Nicks, and so has my mother, and the both of us thought that you guys were extremely amazing. Your voices were absolutely beautiful, and your instrumental playing was amazing as well.  This was my first time at the Branford Festival and I was amazed and had a wonderful time, and your performance was the best highlight. Being at your performance was almost like being front row at an actual Fleetwood Mac concert. Phenomenal job and I hope to see one of your shows again sometime. Good luck and keep it up!   Rhiannon H. - Branford, CT

I wanted to send you a quick note after attending the show last night in Bangor Maine.
The show was fantastic. Having graduated from High School in Vermont in 1978, Fleetwood Mac was such a part of that time.  Your vocals, sound, etc.  were excellent.  Your energy made the evening fun. I look forward to seeing your next show whenyou get back to New England.  Thanks, For a great evening. A special thanks to Connie and the rest of the band for chatting after the show.  Thanks, Bill L. - Orono, Maine
...provided an exceptional and lively performance, but backstage, they were very easy to work with and accommodating. The band thoroughly entertained our main stage crowd of nearly 6,000 people with their flawless recreation of Fleetwood Mac.   We were able to provide Sterlingfest attendees with a superstar quality concert without the superstar costs or production requirements.  S. Guitar, Director Community Relations Department - MI

Incredible show! I saw the real Fleetwood Mac years ago and I enjoyed this just as much. Your show brought it all back to me.  M. Brillinger - Binghamton, NY

WOW! Awesome show! It brought back so many songs that I loved listen to. My son went out and bought a Fleetwood Mac C.D. You have made him a fan!  S. Taylor- Bemus. NY

It is impossible NOT to move when listening to you guys. I cant believe how much Anna looks and sounds like Stevie Nicks, and Connie looks and sounds like Christine McVie.   D. Lanteigne - Toronto ON

…..I was stunned when Connie (Christine McVie) brought my 6 year old daughter and sang SONGBIRD to her. The audience ‘lost it'.  It was so moving .  C. Carter – Peoria, Ill

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