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Social Media Experts in Mississauga - offers you and your business a proper social media campaign that brings you instant credibility by putting up information daily between all of your social media networks.

We will engage with you clients and friends weekly to answer their questions, and make sure that you are always in-the-know!


Your New Website Gets Built

We will build your website for you, or move your current site into the SportNGIN platform, which is the best and most powerful CMS system ever built!


OUR NEW SERVICE! Prefessional Review Writer  -  Social Media Experts in Mississauga - can make you or break you in the court of public opinion, don't fall victim to your competitors playing games online. Let write 20 great reviews for your business with rankings between 9.5 and 10! Let's make you the best of the best on!


Social Media Experts in Mississauga - will take your website, social media networks and your online presence to the heights that none of your competitors can reach. Call us today for more information at 289.997.6545.






Social Media Experts in Mississauga -

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Argyle Tynen

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Social Media Experts in Mississauga -

Google Plus - Monthly Service

Google Plus Monthly Service

We will activate your GMail account and Google Plus page and then brand your Google Plus page. We will ad 60 entries to your Google Plus page per month.

Google Plus is far more powerful than the media lends it credit for and without it, you're missing the boat!



You Tube - Monthly Service

Google Plus Monthly Service

You Tube is an absolute must to be noticed by the audience that is looking for your products and services, and since You Tube is owned by Google, it is integral to their Google Plus package and to their search algorithms. 

We will brand your You Tube channel and add 4 videos to it every month, along with adding the appropriate titles, tags and text to ensure that you are found, giving you a strong advantage over your competitors.


Twitter - Monthly Service

Twitter Monthly Service

Twitter is key to building relationships faster than any other social media network out there. Tweeting gets you noticed because people only have seconds to see what you are providing to them, and that's why 140 character tweets are so effective!

We'll get you followers, legitimate followers and we'll tweet out to the world 90 times per month, with the appropriate links to your website and other social media.

Facebook - Monthly Service

Facebook Monthly Service

Facebook works! The fact that you are now able to backup all of your content onto Facebook and keep it running as the perfect compliment to your website.

Earn followers and Likes on Facebook by engaging people with specials and great information, that will bring dollars to your front door.

Facebook is a must for your monthly marketing campaign.

Tumblr - Monthly Service

Tumblr Monthly Service

Tumblr is like Twitter, with full content allowed as opposed to just micro content. Tumblr is your second website, and it is more important that hundreds of social media sites and news distributor sites.

Your site will be copied over to Tumblr and we'll brand it too!


Call Us With Any Questions At 289.997.6545

Social Media Experts in Mississauga -